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Juniper JN0-251 Exam

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Question 41
You want to review client information about a specific AP.
In this scenario, where in the UI would you look?

Question 42
Which two statements are correct about microservices? (Choose two.)

Question 43
Which two statements are correct about label configuration? (Choose two.)

Question 44
Which statement is correct about Mist SLEs?

Question 45
Which two SLEs report DHCP problems? (Choose two.)

Question 46
What are two prerequisites for adopting Juniper switches for Wired Assurance? (Choose two.)

Question 47
Which two domains comprise artificial intelligence (AI)? (Choose two.)

Question 48
You attempt to log in to, however you receive a 404 error from your browser. You are able to browse other public websites and you suspect a problem with
In this scenario, which step would you take to immediately find out the status of the Mist cloud?

Question 49
Which machine learning method involves rewarding and punishing an agent?

Question 50
You are asked to bring Mist APs online for your organization.
In this situation, which port must be allowed on your company’s firewall for AP access to the Mist cloud?