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Juniper JN0-251 Exam

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Question 21
Which protocol does the REST API use?

Question 22
Which protocol is used by Mist access points to discover third-party switches?

Question 23
Which two methods are supported for configuring a Mist environment? (Choose two.)

Question 24
Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the exhibit, which Marvis language would you use to query Mist about an issue?

Question 25
The Mist help menu provides direct access to which two features? (Choose two.)

Question 26
What is a Mist Coverage SLE based upon?

Question 27
Which two APIs are supported by Mist? (Choose two.)

Question 28
Alert templates are assigned to sites in which area of the Mist GUI?

Question 29
Mist has detected a bad cable.
What are two ways that Marvis determined this result? (Choose two.)

Question 30
Which Marvis Action category will detect a bad cable based on information and behavior of a single AP?