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Juniper JN0-251 Exam

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Question 11
Which Mist location-based feature would be used for wayfinding?

Question 12
Which two statements are correct about an Organization ID? (Choose two.)

Question 13
Mist Insights will provide detailed information about which two categories? (Choose two.)

Question 14
Which device categories are included in WAN Assurance? (Choose two.)

Question 15
Which administrator role is based on a timed grace period for Mist site and AP configuration access?

Question 16
In the Mist Access Point portfolio, which dedicated device would be used in location-based services(LBS)?

Question 17
You want to obtain detailed information on a wireless client.
In this scenario, which area would you use to accomplish this task?

Question 18
Click the Exhibit button.
You notice a green LED emitted from your AP43.
Referring to the exhibit, what does this signal indicate?

Question 19
In a production network, what are two types of security threats? (Choose two.)

Question 20
Which two statements are correct about creating Mist sites? (Choose two.)