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Question 31
Which of the following route entries matches ACL 2001 that is defined below?,,,,,,, 2001 -Basic ACL 2001,1 rule -Ad's step is 5 -rule 0 permit source

Question 32
A router can be configured to run only one BGP routing process.

Question 33
Generally, the performance of an IP-prefix-filter is greater than that of an ACL.

Question 34
Given a Class B network with the mask, what is the maximum number of subnets that can be created, and what is the maximum number of hosts available within each created subnet?

Question 35
Route importing can be used when multiple routing protocols run on different networks and these networks need to share routing information.

Question 36
Which of the following elements are used to describe a single link in OSPF routing protocol? (Select 3 answers)

Question 37
Which of the following is used to avoid routing loops in BGP?

Question 38
An Autonomous System (AS) is a set of routers under the control of one technical administration that presents a common routing policy.

Question 39
Based on BGP route selection rules, the route with the lowest local preference is preferred.

Question 40
Which of the following subnet masks can be used to divide a Class C network into 5 subnets, with each subnet containing a maximum of 20 hosts?