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Huawei H12-221 Exam

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Question 21
By default, the cost of an OSPF interface is calculated based on the bandwidth. The formula to calculate the cost is reference bandwidth/interface bandwidth.

Question 22
The route selection tool route-policy" can set and filter BGP attributes based on pre-defined conditions. Therefore, this tool is often used to define policies towards a BGP peer or during route generation.

Question 23
Which of the following route entries matches ACL 2001 that is defined below? ,,,,,,, 2001:Basic ACL 2001, 1 rule -Ad's step is 5 -rule 0 permit source

Question 24
The default-route originate command in the RIP protocol advertises a default RIP route to the peers. When using this command, which of the following attributes can be set for the default route?

Question 25
We can prevent a router from ever becoming a DR or BDR by configuring an OSPF Priority of zero,

Question 26
What command must be configured to establish a BGP connection between indirectly connected EBGP peers?

Question 27
Which of the following elements are used by Network LSA to describe broadcast or NBMA network segments in OSPF routing protocol? (Select 3 answers)

Question 28
Based on BGP route selection rules, how are Origin attributes listed in descending order of priority?

Question 29
Which statement regarding BGP is false?

Question 30
Which of the following situatbns will occur when the command multicast bad balance" is configured? (Select 3 answers)