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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 181
Two routers are connected via serial interfaces and the link-protocol is PPP, but the MRU of two serial interfaces are different, in PPP LCP negotiated stage, what will happen?
A. LCP negotiation will fail
B. Negotiation will use the smaller value
C. Negotiation will use the larger value
D. Negotiation will use 1500

Question 182
PPP is more secure than HDLC because PPP supports authentication protocols such as ( ). (Choose two)
B. MD5

Question 183
When both ends running PPP protocol detect that the physical link is active, the link state will transit from dead to establish.Which of the following protocols is used to negotiate the link parameters during this phase?

Question 184
A serial interface of a Huawei router currently using HDLC needs to assign PPP as the encapsulation protocol.Which of the following commands is required to be configured at the serial interface view?
A. link-protocol ppp
B. encapsulation ppp
C. enable ppp
D. address ppp

Question 185
When using VRP, which of the following commands is used to configure the PPP authentication method as PAP?
A. ppp pap
B. ppp authentication-pap
C. ppp authentication-mode pap
D. ppp pap-authentication

Question 186
When configuring the PPP authentication method as PAP, which of the following operations are necessary? (Choose three)
A. Add the user name and password of the authenticated party to the local user list.
B. Configure the encapsulation type of the interface connected to the peer as PPP.
C. Configure PPP authentication method as CHAP.
D. On the authenticated party end, configure the user name and password that are sent to authenticator.

Question 187
In the PPP protocol, which of the following encryption algorithms is used by CHAP?
B. MD5
D. None

Question 188
What is the function of the "ip address ppp-negotiate" command?
A. Enables the function of requesting for an IP address from the peer device.
B. Enables the function of accepting the request for an IP address from the remote device.
C. Enables the function of statically allocating IP addresses to the peer.
D. None of the above.

Question 189
Two routers have established a point-to-point network using PPP. The administrator has configured the routers to run OSPF in the same area with the same router ID, what behavior will occur as a result of the configuration?
A. The routers will build a neighbor relationship even though both routers are using the same router ID.
B. VRP will notify of a router ID conflict between the two routers.
C. The routers will build an adjacency even though both routers are using the same router ID.
D. The routers will not send hello packets to each other because they are using the same router ID.

Question 190
The PPPoE session establishment process can be divided into which stages? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Discovery stage
B. DHCP stage
C. PPPoE Session stage
D. PPP connecting stage.