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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 161
Which of the following steps are necessary to configure OSPF on a Huawei router? (Choose three)
A. Configuration of a router ID
B. Enabling of an OSPF process
C. Specifying an OSPF area
D. Configuration of the network segments within each area

Question 162
Which of the following statements regarding the DR in an OSPF network are correct? (Choose two)
A. There must be at least one DR in an OSPF area.
B. A DR must be elected among the routers through the negotiations that are defined by OSPF protocol.
C. Only the router with highest priority will be elected as DR.
D. Only NBMA or Broadcast networks need to elect DR.

Question 163
Which of the following VRP commands can be used to enter area 0 view? (Choose two)
A. [Huawei]ospf area 0
B. [Huawei-ospf-1]area 0
C. [Huawei-ospf-1]area
D. [Huawei-ospf-1]area 0 enable

Question 164
Which of the following commands is used to display the OSPF neighbor relationship establishment?
A. display ospf neighbor
B. display ospf brief
C. display ospf peer
D. display ospf interface

Question 165
With what kind of routers does a DRother router exchange link state information and route information? (Choose two)
C. DRother
D. All OSPF neighbors

Question 166
An OSPF area is a collection of a group of routers and networks. OSPF defines that routers that have the same ( ) belong to the same OSPF area.
A. neighbors
D. adjacency

Question 167
Which of the following statements about router IDs are true? (Choose two)
A. The routers contained in the same LSDB have the same router ID.
B. Each router in an OSPF network must have a unique router ID.
C. Two routers in different OSPF areas can have the same router ID.
D. A router ID is expressed in a 32-bit dotted decimal format.

Question 168
OSPF allows for "multiple" processes. By default, OSPF selects a process whose number is ( ).
A. 0
B. 1
C. 10
D. 100

Question 169
In a network supporting IPv6, OSPF no longer supports which feature?
A. multiple areas
B. Router-ID
C. authentication
D. multicast updates

Question 170
Two routers are configured with OSPFv3. OSPFv3 is enabled on all interfaces of each router.Which of the following is true in the event that the network administrator does not configure a Router-ID?
A. The IP address of the loopback 0 interface will be used as the router ID.
B. The IP address of the loopback 1 interface will be used as the router ID.
C. The IP address of interface G0/0/0 will be used as the router ID.
D. No router ID will be assigned to the router.