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Google Professional-Cloud-Architect Exam

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Question 101
Your company is building a new architecture to support its data-centric business focus. You are responsible for setting up the network. Your company's mobile and web-facing applications will be deployed on-premises, and all data analysis will be conducted in GCP. The plan is to process and load 7 years of archived .
csv files totaling 900 TB of data and then continue loading 10 TB of data daily. You currently have an existing 100-MB internet connection.
What actions will meet your company's needs?

Question 102
You are developing a globally scaled frontend for a legacy streaming backend data API. This API expects events in strict chronological order with no repeat data for proper processing.
Which products should you deploy to ensure guaranteed-once FIFO (first-in, first-out) delivery of data?

Question 103
Your company is planning to perform a lift and shift migration of their Linux RHEL 6.
5+ virtual machines. The virtual machines are running in an on-premisesVMware environment. You want to migrate them to Compute Engine following Google-recommended practices. What should you do?

Question 104
You need to deploy an application to Google Cloud. The application receives traffic via TCP and reads and writes data to the filesystem. The application does not support horizontal scaling. The application process requires full control over the data on the file system because concurrent access causes corruption. The business is willing to accept a downtime when an incident occurs, but the application must be available 24/7 to support their business operations. You need to design the architecture of this application on Google Cloud. What should you do?

Question 105
Your company has an application running on multiple Compute Engine instances. You need to ensure that the application can communicate with an on-premises service that requires high throughput via internal IPs, while minimizing latency. What should you do?

Question 106
You are managing an application deployed on Cloud Run for Anthos, and you need to define a strategy for deploying new versions of the application. You want to evaluate the new code with a subset of production traffic to decide whether to proceed with the rollout. What should you do?

Question 107
You are monitoring Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters in a Cloud Monitoring workspace. As a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), you need to triage incidents quickly. What should you do?

Question 108
You are implementing a single Cloud SQL MySQL second-generation database that contains business-critical transaction data. You want to ensure that the minimum amount of data is lost in case of catastrophic failure.
Which two features should you implement? (Choose two.)

Question 109
You are working at a sports association whose members range in age from 8 to 30. The association collects a large amount of health data, such as sustained injuries. You are storing this data in BigQuery. Current legislation requires you to delete such information upon request of the subject. You want to design a solution that can accommodate such a request. What should you do?

Question 110
Your company has announced that they will be outsourcing operations functions. You want to allow developers to easily stage new versions of a cloud-based application in the production environment and allow the outsourced operations team to autonomously promote staged versions to production. You want to minimize the operational overhead of the solution.
Which Google Cloud product should you migrate to?

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