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Google Professional-Cloud-Architect Exam

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Question 91
All Compute Engine instances in your VPC should be able to connect to an Active Directory server on specific ports. Any other traffic emerging from your instances is not allowed. You want to enforce this using VPC firewall rules.
How should you configure the firewall rules?

Question 92
Your customer runs a web service used by e-commerce sites to offer product recommendations to users. The company has begun experimenting with a machine learning model on Google Cloud Platform to improve the quality of results.
What should the customer do to improve their model's results over time?

Question 93
A development team at your company has created a dockerized HTTPS web application. You need to deploy the application on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and make sure that the application scales automatically.
How should you deploy to GKE?

Question 94
You need to design a solution for global load balancing based on the URL path being requested. You need to ensure operations reliability and end-to-end in- transit encryption based on Google best practices.
What should you do?

Question 95
You have an application that makes HTTP requests to Cloud Storage. Occasionally the requests fail with HTTP status codes of 5xx and 429.
How should you handle these types of errors?

Question 96
You need to develop procedures to test a disaster plan for a mission-critical application. You want to use Google-recommended practices and native capabilities within GCP.
What should you do?

Question 97
Your company creates rendering software which users can download from the company website. Your company has customers all over the world. You want to minimize latency for all your customers. You want to follow Google-recommended practices.
How should you store the files?

Question 98
Your company acquired a healthcare startup and must retain its customers' medical information for up to 4 more years, depending on when it was created. Your corporate policy is to securely retain this data, and then delete it as soon as regulations allow.
Which approach should you take?

Question 99
You are deploying a PHP App Engine Standard service with Cloud SQL as the backend. You want to minimize the number of queries to the database.
What should you do?

Question 100
You need to ensure reliability for your application and operations by supporting reliable task scheduling for compute on GCP. Leveraging Google best practices, what should you do?

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