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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 241
Your company developed a mobile game that is deployed on Google Cloud. Gamers are connecting to the game with their personal phones over the Internet. The game sends UDP packets to update the servers about the gamers' actions while they are playing in multiplayer mode. Your game backend can scale over multiple virtual machines (VMs), and you want to expose the VMs over a single IP address. What should you do?

Question 242
You are working for a hospital that stores its medical images in an on-premises data room. The hospital wants to use Cloud Storage for archival storage of these images. The hospital wants an automated process to upload any new medical images to Cloud Storage. You need to design and implement a solution. What should you do?

Question 243
Your auditor wants to view your organization's use of data in Google Cloud. The auditor is most interested in auditing who accessed data in Cloud Storage buckets. You need to help the auditor access the data they need. What should you do?

Question 244
You received a JSON file that contained a private key of a Service Account in order to get access to several resources in a Google Cloud project. You downloaded and installed the Cloud SDK and want to use this private key for authentication and authorization when performing gcloud commands. What should you do?

Question 245
You are working with a Cloud SQL MySQL database at your company. You need to retain a month-end copy of the database for three years for audit purposes. What should you do?

Question 246
You are monitoring an application and receive user feedback that a specific error is spiking. You notice that the error is caused by a Service Account having insufficient permissions. You are able to solve the problem but want to be notified if the problem recurs. What should you do?

Question 247
You've set up an instance inside your new network and subnet. You create firewall rules to target allinstances in your network with the following firewall rules.NAME:open-ssh | NETWORK:devnet |DIRECTION:INGRESS | PRIORITY:1000 | ALLOW:tcp:22NAME:deny-all | NETWORK:devnet | DIRECTION:INGRESS | PRIORITY:5000 | DENY:tcp:0-65535,udp:0-6553 If you try to SSH to the instance, what would be the result?

Question 248
You have been tasked to grant access to sensitive files to external auditors for a limited time period of 4 hours only. The files should not be strictly available after 4 hours. Adhering to Google best practices, how would you efficiently share the file?

Question 249
A member of the finance team informed you that one of the projects is using the old billing account. What steps should you take to resolve the problem?

Question 250
Your billing department has asked you to help them track spending against a specific billing account. They've indicated that they prefer to use Excel to create their reports so that they don't need to learn new tools.
Which export option would work best for them?

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