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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 231
You're migrating an on-premises application to Google Cloud. The application uses a component that requires a licensing server. The license server has the IP address You want to deploy the application without making any changes to the code or configuration. How should you go about deploying the application?

Question 232
You've setup and tested several custom roles in your development project. What is the fastest way to create the same roles for your new production project?

Question 233
Your billing department has asked you to help them track spending against a specific billing account. They've indicated that they prefer SQL querying to create their reports so that they don't need to learn new tools. The data should be as latest as possible.
Which export option would work best for them?

Question 234
Your company wants to standardize the creation and management of multiple Google Cloud resources using Infrastructure as Code. You want to minimize the amount of repetitive code needed to manage the environment. What should you do?

Question 235
You are performing a monthly security check of your Google Cloud environment and want to know who has access to view data stored in your Google Cloud Project. What should you?

Question 236
Your company has embraced a hybrid cloud strategy where some of the applications are deployed on Google Cloud. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel connects your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in Google Cloud with your company's on-premises network. Multiple applications in Google Cloud need to connect to an on-premises database server, and you want to avoid having to change the IP configuration in all of your applications when the IP of the database changes.
What should you do?

Question 237
You have developed a containerized web application that will serve internal colleagues during business hours. You want to ensure that no costs are incurred outside of the hours the application is used. You have just created a new Google Cloud project and want to deploy the application. What should you do?

Question 238
You have experimented with Google Cloud using your own credit card and expensed the costs to your company. Your company wants to streamline the billing process and charge the costs of your projects to their monthly invoice.
What should you do?

Question 239
You are running a data warehouse on BigQuery. A partner company is offering a recommendation engine based on the data in your data warehouse. The partner company is also running their application on Google Cloud. They manage the resources in their own project, but they need access to the BigQuery dataset in your project. You want to provide the partner company with access to the dataset. What should you do?

Question 240
Your web application has been running successfully on Cloud Run for Anthos. You want to evaluate an updated version of the application with a specific percentage of your production users (canary deployment). What should you do?

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