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CompTIA SY0-601 Exam

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Question 41
A company wants to restrict emailing of PHI documents. The company is implementing a DLP solution. In order to restrict PHI documents, which of the following should be performed FIRST?

Question 42
A security analyst is investigating some users who are being redirected to a fake website that resembles www.
org. The following output was found on the naming server of the organization:
Which of the following attacks has taken place?
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Question 43
Which of the following describes the continuous delivery software development methodology?

Question 44
Which of the following is the BEST example of a cost-effective physical control to enforce a USB removable media restriction policy?

Question 45
A company suspects that some corporate accounts were compromised. The number of suspicious logins from locations not recognized by the users is increasing.
Employees who travel need their accounts protected without the risk of blocking legitimate login requests that may be made over new sign-in properties. Which of the following security controls can be implemented?

Question 46
An organization wants to participate in threat intelligence information sharing with peer groups. Which of the following would MOST likely meet the organization's requirement?

Question 47
Which of the following is the MOST effective control against zero-day vulnerabilities?

Question 48
Which of the following is the GREATEST security concern when outsourcing code development to third-party contractors for an internet-facing application?

Question 49
An organization has hired a red team to simulate attacks on its security posture. Which of the following will the blue team do after detecting an IoC?

Question 50
An amusement park is implementing a biometric system that validates customers' fingerprints to ensure they are not sharing tickets. The park's owner values customers above all and would prefer customers' convenience over security. For this reason, which of the following features should the security team prioritizeFIRST?