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CompTIA SK0-005 Exam

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Question 61
A company uses a hot-site, disaster-recovery model. Which of the following types of data replication is required?

Question 62
A technician is unable to access a server's package repository internally or externally. Which of the following are the MOST likely reasons? (Choose two.)

Question 63
A server administrator was asked to build a storage array with the highest possible capacity. Which of the following RAID levels should the administrator choose?

Question 64
A technician needs to deploy an operating system that would optimize server resources. Which of the following server installation methods would BEST meet this requirement?

Question 65
A company's IDS has identified outbound traffic from one of the web servers coming over port 389 to an outside address. This server only hosts websites. The company's SOC administrator has asked a technician to harden this server. Which of the following would be the BEST way to complete this request?

Question 66
Which of the following would be BEST to help protect an organization against social engineering?

Question 67
A technician is connecting a server's secondary NIC to a separate network. The technician connects the cable to the switch but then does not see any link lights on the NIC. The technician confirms there is nothing wrong on the network or with the physical connection. Which of the following should the technician performNEXT?

Question 68
Which of the following would MOST likely be part of the user authentication process when implementing SAML across multiple applications?

Question 69
A server administrator needs to check remotely for unnecessary running services across 12 servers. Which of the following tools should the administrator use?

Question 70
A company is building a new datacenter next to a busy parking lot. Which of the following is the BEST strategy to ensure wayward vehicle traffic does not interfere with datacenter operations?