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CompTIA SK0-005 Exam

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Question 51
When configuring networking on a VM, which of the following methods would allow multiple VMs to share the same host IP address?

Question 52
A technician recently upgraded several pieces of firmware on a server. Ever since the technician rebooted the server, it no longer communicates with the network.
Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to return the server to service as soon as possible?

Question 53
A server administrator has noticed that the storage utilization on a file server is growing faster than planned. The administrator wants to ensure that, in the future, there is a more direct relationship between the number of users using the server and the amount of space that might be used. Which of the following would BEST enable this correlation?

Question 54
A server administrator needs to keep a copy of an important fileshare that can be used to restore the share as quickly as possible. Which of the following is theBEST solution?

Question 55
Which of the following can be BEST described as the amount of time a company can afford to be down during recovery from an outage?

Question 56
Which of the following actions should a server administrator take once a new backup scheme has been configured?

Question 57
A systems administrator is performing maintenance on 12 Windows servers that are in different racks at a large datacenter. Which of the following would allow the administrator to perform maintenance on all 12 servers without having to physically be at each server? (Choose two.)

Question 58
A server administrator is experiencing difficulty configuring MySQL on a Linux server. The administrator issues the getenforce command and receives the following output:
># Enforcing
Which of the following commands should the administrator issue to configure MySQL successfully?

Question 59
Which of the following backup types only records changes to the data blocks on a virtual machine?

Question 60
Which of the following server types would benefit MOST from the use of a load balancer?