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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 1
A project manager is attempting to establish the proper sequencing and duration of project activities.
Which of the following would be the MOST beneficial?
A. Network diagram
B. Ishikawa diagram
D. Gantt chart

Question 2
Which of the following are characteristics of a project? (Choose two.)
A. Ongoing
B. Temporary
C. Start and finish
D. Achieving a goal
E. Consisting of milestones
F. Restricting the budget

Question 3
A company has determined it does not have the in-house capability to perform a project and wants to procure third-party services.
Which of the following documents will the company MOST likely release FIRST?

Question 4
The project manager was asked to provide recommendations for the removal of a vendor. A meeting was scheduled with the key stakeholders and the project sponsor to highlight the reasons for this recommendation.
Which of the following should the project manager bring to the meeting to support this recommendation? (Choose two.)
A. The issue log to show why the vendor should be replaced.
B. The team action items to show why the vendor should be replaced.
C. The scope statement to show why the vendor should be replaced.
D. A procurement plan to show why the vendor should be replaced.
E. A change management plan to have the vendor replaced.

Question 5
A project manager is creating the WBS.
In which of the following phases is the project?
A. Initiation
B. Planning
C. Execution
D. Closing

Question 6
Which of the following is a characteristics of a matrix organization?
A. Authority lies solely with the project manager.
B. Authority is directed by the project architect.
C. Authority is shared between the project manager and project coordinator.
D. Authority is shared between functional and project managers.

Question 7
A WBS is being developed for a project.
Which of the following would be BEST suited to contribute cost and time estimates for the project activities?
A. Project team members
B. Project sponsor
C. Project manager
D. Project scheduler

Question 8
A project manager is assigned to a project and has not had a handover meeting with the previous project manager. The new project manager is reviewing the percent of project completion, schedule progress, and budget constraints.
Which of the following documents should the project manager use to obtain this information?
A. Project schedule
B. Balanced scorecard
C. Issue log
D. Status report

Question 9
A stakeholder is unaware of a project's status.
Which of the following documents should the project manager consult to ensure all stakeholders are notified of project changes? (Choose two.)
A. Status report
B. Organizational chart
C. RACI matrix
D. Meeting minutes
E. Communication plan

Question 10
There are four parallel paths on a network diagram. The summary duration of each path is below:
A, C, G: 10 weeks -
A, B, F: 8 weeks -
D, E, H: 12 weeks -
D, B, F: 7 weeks -
Which of the following tasks are on the critical path?
A. A, C, G
B. A, B, F
C. D, E, H
D. D, B, F