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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 171
Which of the following is described as placing responsibility for addressing the potential effects of an uncertain future event on an entity outside the organization?

Question 172
Team members have reported poor sound quality during critical, time-sensitive conference calls. Which of the following may be a more effective means of communication?

Question 173
A project manager is creating the monthly report for top management. The project manager has collected the information below:
AC = 100s
PV = 80
EV = 120
Based on this information, the CPI reflects which of the following about the project?

Question 174
In a project with a BAC of $235,000, the CPI is 0.80, and the SPI is 1.20. Based on this information, which of the following can the key stakeholders determine about the project?

Question 175
Which of the following risk strategies is represented by the purchase of insurance?

Question 176
Which of the following is a team-building stage that involves the team learning to trust one another's abilities and begin working together as a productive group?

Question 177
When forming a project team, there are a number of phases.
When a project team is productive and effective this phase is known as which of the following?

Question 178
The business stakeholder has been engaged late and has just had a chance to review the approved requirements. Consequently, it has been identified that there are a number of gaps in the requirements which are critical to the stakeholders's business unit.
Which of the following actions should the project manager take?

Question 179
A project has just finished performance testing and found that the application can only handle 100 concurrent users where the requirement was to handle 500 concurrent users.
In which of the following components of the project plan should this be documented?

Question 180
A project team has determined it will need to source data from a system that was not part of the project scope.
The role of the project manager is to analyze which of the following impacts?