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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 111
The project manager of a global project constantly receives complaints from individuals at another __cpLocation that some team members are not available after lunch on Fridays. This is acceptable to the project manager. Which of the following factors is the MOST likely cause for this scenario?

Question 112
A project manager is providing the lessons learned for a project that ran over budget and produced poor quality deliverables. Which of the following should the project manager include as part of the lessons learned?

Question 113
A company decides to give a large section of its development project to another firm to manage and complete because that firm has the appropriately skilled resources to execute the work. This approach is referred to as:

Question 114
An outsourced project team member approaches the project manager and complains that the contract does not permit overtime. The project manager had fast- tracked tasks that require additional hours. Which of the following documents did the project manager fail to reference?

Question 115
Which of the following roles has approval authority for project funding?

Question 116
A software upgrade project has been postponed because it may impact a critical business system. Which of the following strategies has been applied?

Question 117
The project team is distributed throughout a single country. The scrum master has decided to hold remote "stand-ups" on a daily basis. Which of the following would be the MOST effective means to do this?

Question 118
Which of the following is an example of a project?

Question 119
A project is about to begin the execution phase. The SOW and project plan have been approved, and the project team has been formed. Which of the following types of meetings should happen NEXT?

Question 120
A department manager asks a project manager about the status of a project that has only a few employees from the department assigned to it. Which of the following were MOST likely missed during project planning?