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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 101
A project's key stakeholders have requested significant changes that will affect the scope. To adjust the project scope, which of the following need to be changed?(Choose two.)

Question 102
A project has activities on the critical path that must be completed before other activities can start.
Task A is dependent on Task C before Task D can be completed.
Task A requires task B to start.
Task B takes twice as long to complete as Task C.
Which of the following is the appropriate ordering of the critical path?

Question 103
During a project, the project manager discovers there is insufficient time allotted for quality control. The project manager prepared to submit a revised schedule to the CCB.
Given the attached chart, which of the following is the critical path if one day is added to each task for quality control?
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Question 104
Which of the following job roles is primarily tasked with communicating the project timeline changes?

Question 105
A project manager is successfully adhering to an eight-week project schedule through week three. A change in the marketplace will require the project manager to deliver the product one week early.
Given the project schedule above, which of the following aspects are missing for the project manager to plan and execute an accelerated schedule? (Choose two).
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Question 106
A project manager has been assigned a project with a budget of $50,000. Three change requests are submitted during execution that will increase the overall project cost to $60,000. Which of the following steps should the project manager perform NEXT?

Question 107
The chairperson of the board is visiting from another country and wishes to meet the project team members. The next project team meeting will be held next week, but the chairperson is leaving before the meeting. Which of the following actions should the project manager take?

Question 108
Which of the following are characteristics of a project? (Choose two.)

Question 109
A project team has purchased computers with warranties extending throughout the entire project. Which of the following represents the risk strategy utilized?

Question 110
Which of the following Agile ceremonies is used to determine the backlog items that will be worked on the next weeks?