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CompTIA N10-008 Exam

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Question 101
Which of the following is MOST commonly used to address CVEs on network equipment and/or operating systems?
A. Vulnerability assessment
B. Factory reset
C. Firmware update
D. Screened subnet

Question 102
A network technician is investigating an issue with handheld devices in a warehouse. Devices have not been connecting to the nearest APs, but they have been connecting to an AP on the far side of the warehouse. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?
A. The nearest APs are configured for 802.11g.
B. An incorrect channel assignment is on the nearest APs.
C. The power level is too high for the AP on the far side.
D. Interference exists around the AP on the far side.

Question 103
Which of the following uses the destination IP address to forward packets?
A. A bridge
B. A Layer 2 switch
C. A router
D. A repeater

Question 104
Which of the following OSI model layers is where conversations between applications are established, coordinated, and terminated?
A. Session
B. Physical
C. Presentation
D. Data link

Question 105
A business is using the local cable company to provide Internet access. Which of the following types of cabling will the cable company MOST likely use from the demarcation point back to the central office?
A. Multimode
B. Cat 5e
C. RG-6
D. Cat 6
E. 100BASE-T

Question 106
A network administrator decided to use SLAAC in an extensive IPv6 deployment to alleviate IP address management. The devices were properly connected into the LAN but autoconfiguration of the IP address did not occur as expected. Which of the following should the network administrator verify?
A. The network gateway is configured to send router advertisements.
B. A DHCP server is present on the same broadcast domain as the clients.
C. The devices support dual stack on the network layer.
D. The local gateway supports anycast routing.

Question 107
Which of the following is used to provide networking capability for VMs at Layer 2 of the OSI model?
C. vSwitch

Question 108
A network administrator is required to ensure that auditors have read-only access to the system logs, while systems administrators have read and write access to the system logs, and operators have no access to the system logs. The network administrator has configured security groups for each of these functional categories. Which of the following security capabilities will allow the network administrator to maintain these permissions with the LEAST administrative effort?
A. Mandatory access control
B. User-based permissions
C. Role-based access
D. Least privilege

Question 109
Which of the following would be used to expedite MX record updates to authoritative NSs?
A. UDP forwarding
B. DNS caching
C. Recursive lookup
D. Time to live

Question 110
A client moving into a new office wants the IP network set up to accommodate 412 network-connected devices that are all on the same subnet. The subnet needs to be as small as possible. Which of the following subnet masks should be used to achieve the required result?