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CompTIA N10-008 Exam

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Question 91
A network administrator is configuring a database server and would like to ensure the database engine is listening on a certain port. Which of the following commands should the administrator use to accomplish this goal?
A. nslookup
B. netstat -a
C. ipconfig /a
D. arp -a

Question 92
A technician is implementing a new wireless network to serve guests at a local office. The network needs to provide Internet access but disallow associated stations from communicating with each other. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this requirement?
A. Wireless client isolation
B. Port security
C. Device geofencing
D. DHCP snooping

Question 93
A company requires a disaster recovery site to have equipment ready to go in the event of a disaster at its main datacenter. The company does not have the budget to mirror all the live data to the disaster recovery site. Which of the following concepts should the company select?
A. Cold site
B. Hot site
C. Warm site
D. Cloud site

Question 94
An IT technician suspects a break in one of the uplinks that provides connectivity to the core switch. Which of the following command-line tools should the technician use to determine where the incident is occurring?
A. nslookup
B. show config
C. netstat
D. show interface
E. show counters

Question 95
A technician is connecting DSL for a new customer. After installing and connecting the on-premises equipment, the technician verifies DSL synchronization. When connecting to a workstation, however, the link LEDs on the workstation and modem do not light up. Which of the following should the technician perform during troubleshooting?
A. Identify the switching loops between the modem and the workstation.
B. Check for asymmetrical routing on the modem.
C. Look for a rogue DHCP server on the network.
D. Replace the cable connecting the modem and the workstation.

Question 96
Which of the following services can provide data storage, hardware options, and scalability to a third-party company that cannot afford new devices?
A. SaaS
B. IaaS
C. PaaS
D. DaaS

Question 97
A network administrator is talking to different vendors about acquiring technology to support a new project for a large company. Which of the following documents will MOST likely need to be signed before information about the project is shared?
A. BYOD policy

Question 98
Two remote offices need to be connected securely over an untrustworthy MAN. Each office needs to access network shares at the other site. Which of the following will BEST provide this functionality?
A. Client-to-site VPN
B. Third-party VPN service
C. Site-to-site VPN
D. Split-tunnel VPN

Question 99
A network requirement calls for segmenting departments into different networks. The campus network is set up with users of each department in multiple buildings. Which of the following should be configured to keep the design simple and efficient?
B. Jumbo frames
C. Port tagging
D. Flow control

Question 100
Which of the following protocols will a security appliance that is correlating network events from multiple devices MOST likely rely on to receive event messages?
A. Syslog
B. Session Initiation Protocol
C. Secure File Transfer Protocol
D. Server Message Block