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CompTIA CV0-003 Exam

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Question 51
An organization requires the following to be achieved between the finance and marketing departments:
- Disable FTP and SMB traffic.
Which of the following is the MOST suitable method to meet the requirements?

Question 52
A company wants to check its infrastructure and application for security issues regularly. Which of the following should the company implement?

Question 53
A systems administrator is analyzing a report of slow performance in a cloud application. This application is working behind a network load balancer with two VMs, and each VM has its own digital certificate configured. Currently, each VM is consuming 85% CPU on average. Due to cost restrictions, the administrator cannot scale vertically or horizontally in the environment. Which of the following actions should the administrator take to decrease the CPU utilization? (Choose two.)

Question 54
A private IaaS administrator is receiving reports that all newly provisioned Linux VMs are running an earlier version of the OS than they should be. The administrator reviews the automation scripts to troubleshoot the issue and determines the scripts ran successfully. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

Question 55
A cloud administrator is reviewing a new application implementation document. The administrator needs to make sure all the known bugs and fixes are applied, and unwanted ports and services are disabled. Which of the following techniques would BEST help the administrator assess these business requirements?

Question 56
A DevOps administrator is automating an existing software development workflow. The administrator wants to ensure that prior to any new code going into production, tests confirm the new code does not negatively impact existing automation activities. Which of the following testing techniques would be BEST to use?

Question 57
Some VMs that are hosted on a dedicated host server have each been allocated with 32GB of memory. Some of VMs are not utilizing more than 30% of the al__cpLocation. Which of the following should be enabled to optimize the memory utilization?

Question 58
A systems administrator would like to reduce the network delay between two servers. Which of the following will reduce the network delay without taxing other system resources?

Question 59
An SQL injection vulnerability was reported on a web application, and the cloud platform team needs to mitigate the vulnerability while it is corrected by the development team. Which of the following controls will BEST mitigate the risk of exploitation?

Question 60
To save on licensing costs, the on-premises, IaaS-hosted databases need to be migrated to a public DBaaS solution. Which of the following would be the BEST technique?