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CompTIA CV0-003 Exam

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Question 41
An IaaS provider has numerous devices and services that are commissioned and decommissioned automatically on an ongoing basis. The cloud administrator needs to implement a solution that will help reduce administrative overhead. Which of the following will accomplish this task?

Question 42
An organization's web server farm, which is hosted in the cloud with DNS load balancing, is experiencing a spike in network traffic. This has caused an outage of the organization's web server infrastructure. Which of the following should be implemented to prevent this in the future as a mitigation method?

Question 43
A vendor is installing a new retail store management application for a customer. The application license ensures software costs are low when the application is not being used, but costs go up when use is higher. Which of the following licensing models is MOST likely being used?

Question 44
A systems administrator in a large enterprise needs to alter the configuration of one of the finance department's database servers. Which of the following should the administrator perform FIRST?

Question 45
A database analyst reports it takes two hours to perform a scheduled job after onboarding 10,000 new users to the system. The analyst made no changes to the scheduled job before or after onboarding the users. The database is hosted in an IaaS instance on a cloud provider. Which of the following should the cloud administrator evaluate to troubleshoot the performance of the job?

Question 46
A systems administrator is reviewing two CPU models for a cloud deployment. Both CPUs have the same number of cores/threads and run at the same clock speed. Which of the following will BEST identify the CPU with more computational power?

Question 47
A systems administrator is building a new visualization cluster. The cluster consists of five virtual hosts, which each have flash and spinning disks. This storage is shared among all the virtual hosts, where a virtual machine running on one host may store data on another host. This is an example of:

Question 48
A VDI administrator has received reports of poor application performance. Which of the following should the administrator troubleshoot FIRST?

Question 49
A company has developed a cloud-ready application. Before deployment, an administrator needs to select a deployment technology that provides a high level of portability and is lightweight in terms of footprint and resource requirements. Which of the following solutions will be BEST to help the administrator achieve the requirements?

Question 50
A systems administrator is deploying a VM and would like to minimize storage utilization by ensuring the VM uses only the storage if needs. Which of the following will BEST achieve this goal?