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CompTIA CAS-004 Exam

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Question 81
An enterprise is deploying APIs that utilize a private key and a public key to ensure the connection string is protected. To connect to the API, customers must use the private key.
Which of the following would BEST secure the REST API connection to the database while preventing the use of a hard-coded string in the request string?
A. Implement a VPN for all APIs.
B. Sign the key with DSA.
C. Deploy MFA for the service accounts.
D. Utilize HMAC for the keys.

Question 82
An application server was recently upgraded to prefer TLS 1.
3, and now users are unable to connect their clients to the server. Attempts to reproduce the error are confirmed, and clients are reporting the following:
ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCHWhich of the following is MOST likely the root cause?
A. The client application is testing PFS.
B. The client application is configured to use ECDHE.
C. The client application is configured to use RC4.
D. The client application is configured to use AES-256 in GCM.

Question 83
An organization is designing a network architecture that must meet the following requirements:
- Users will only be able to access predefined services.
- Each user will have a unique allow list defined for access.
- The system will construct one-to-one subject/object access paths dynamically.
Which of the following architectural designs should the organization use to meet these requirements?
A. Peer-to-peer secure communications enabled by mobile applications
B. Proxied application data connections enabled by API gateways
C. Microsegmentation enabled by software-defined networking
D. VLANs enabled by network infrastructure devices

Question 84
An organization developed a social media application that is used by customers in multiple remote geographic __cpLocations around the world. The organization's headquarters and only datacenter are located in New York City. The Chief Information Security Officer wants to ensure the following requirements are met for the social media application:
- Low latency for all mobile users to improve the users' experience
- SSL offloading to improve web server performance
- Protection against DoS and DDoS attacks
- High availabilityWhich of the following should the organization implement to BEST ensure all requirements are met?
A. A cache server farm in its datacenter
B. A load-balanced group of reverse proxy servers with SSL acceleration
C. A CDN with the origin set to its datacenter
D. Dual gigabit-speed Internet connections with managed DDoS prevention

Question 85
A systems administrator is preparing to run a vulnerability scan on a set of information systems in the organization. The systems administrator wants to ensure that the targeted systems produce accurate information especially regarding configuration settings.
Which of the following scan types will provide the systems administrator with the MOST accurate information?
A. A passive, credentialed scan
B. A passive, non-credentialed scan
C. An active, non-credentialed scan
D. An active, credentialed scan

Question 86
A networking team asked a security administrator to enable Flash on its web browser. The networking team explained that an important legacy embedded system gathers SNMP information from various devices. The system can only be managed through a web browser running Flash. The embedded system will be replaced within the year but is still critical at the moment.
Which of the following should the security administrator do to mitigate the risk?
A. Explain to the networking team the reason Flash is no longer available and insist the team move up the timetable for replacement.
B. Air gap the legacy system from the network and dedicate a laptop with an end-of-life OS on it to connect to the system via crossover cable for management.
C. Suggest that the networking team contact the original embedded system's vendor to get an update to the system that does not require Flash.
D. Isolate the management interface to a private VLAN where a legacy browser in a VM can be used as needed to manage the system.

Question 87
Given the following log snippet from a web server:
Which of the following BEST describes this type of attack?
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A. SQL injection
B. Cross-site scripting
C. Brute-force
D. Cross-site request forgery

Question 88
A pharmaceutical company recently experienced a security breach within its customer-facing web portal. The attackers performed a SQL injection attack and exported tables from the company's managed database, exposing customer information.
The company hosts the application with a CSP utilizing the IaaS model. Which of the following parties is ultimately responsible for the breach?
A. The pharmaceutical company
B. The cloud software provider
C. The web portal software vendor
D. The database software vendor

Question 89
A host on a company's network has been infected by a worm that appears to be spreading via SMB. A security analyst has been tasked with containing the incident while also maintaining evidence for a subsequent investigation and malware analysis.
Which of the following steps would be best to perform FIRST?
A. Turn off the infected host immediately.
B. Run a full anti-malware scan on the infected host.
C. Modify the smb.conf file of the host to prevent outgoing SMB connections.
D. Isolate the infected host from the network by removing all network connections.

Question 90
SIMULATION -You are a security analyst tasked with interpreting an Nmap scan output from company's privileged network.
The company's hardening guidelines indicate the following:
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