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Cisco 350-701 Exam

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Question 101
What can be integrated with Cisco Threat Intelligence Director to provide information about security threats, which allows the SOC to proactively automate responses to those threats?

Question 102
Which Cisco command enables authentication, authorization, and accounting globally so that CoA is supported on the device?

Question 103
What is a characteristic of Firepower NGIPS inline deployment mode?

Question 104
A mall provides security services to customers with a shared appliance. The mall wants separation of management on the shared appliance. Which ASA deployment mode meets these needs?

Question 105
What is managed by Cisco Security Manager?

Question 106
An organization is trying to improve their Defense in Depth by blocking malicious destinations prior to a connection being established. The solution must be able to block certain applications from being used within the network. Which product should be used to accomplish this goal?

Question 107
An engineer notices traffic interruptions on the network. Upon further investigation, it is learned that broadcast packets have been flooding the network. What must be configured, based on a predefined threshold, to address this issue?

Question 108
What is a feature of Cisco NetFlow Secure Event Logging for Cisco ASAs?

Question 109
What is a key difference between Cisco Firepower and Cisco ASA?

Question 110
DRAG DROP -Drag and drop the suspicious patterns for the Cisco Tetration platform from the left onto the correct definitions on the right.Select and Place:
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