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Cisco 350-701 Exam

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Question 91
An engineer is trying to securely connect to a router and wants to prevent insecure algorithms from being used. However, the connection is failing. Which action should be taken to accomplish this goal?

Question 92
Refer to the exhibit. Which type of authentication is in use?
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Question 93
Refer to the exhibit. An organization is using DHCP Snooping within their network. A user on VLAN 41 on a new switch is complaining that an IP address is not being obtained. Which command should be configured on the switch interface in order to provide the user with network connectivity?
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Question 94
Refer to the exhibit. Traffic is not passing through IPsec site-to-site VPN on the Firepower Threat Defense appliance. What is causing this issue?
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Question 95
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator configured a site-to-site VPN tunnel between two Cisco IOS routers, and hosts are unable to communicate between two sites of VPN. The network administrator runs the debug crypto isakmp sa command to track VPN status. What is the problem according to this command output?
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Question 96
Which policy represents a shared set of features or parameters that define the aspects of a managed device that are likely to be similar to other managed devices in a deployment?

Question 97
The Cisco ASA must support TLS proxy for encrypted Cisco Unified Communications traffic.Where must the ASA be added on the Cisco UC Manager platform?

Question 98
Which two application layer preprocessors are used by Firepower Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System? (Choose two.)

Question 99
Which feature is configured for managed devices in the device platform settings of the Firepower Management Center?

Question 100
Which information is required when adding a device to Firepower Management Center?

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