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Cisco 350-601 Exam

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Question 91
An engineer wants to create a backup of Cisco UCS Manager for disaster recovery purposes.What are two characteristics of a full state backup of a Cisco UCS Manager database? (Choose two.)
A. contains all of the runtime states and statuses but not the configurations
B. performs a complete binary dump of the database as a .bin file
C. performs a complete binary dump of the database as a .sql file
D. performs a complete binary dump of the database as a .txz file
E. contains all of the configurations

Question 92
What happens to the default host firmware policy after a Cisco UCS Manager upgrade?
A. It is assigned to all the service profiles that include a host firmware policy.
B. It is replaced by a new default policy without any firmware entries.
C. It is set to match the host firmware policy.
D. It is updated to contain the firmware entries of all the components.

Question 93
An engineer is asked to use SaaS to manage Cisco computing.Which two items are needed to accomplish the task? (Choose two.)
A. Intersight
B. UCS Central
C. Device/Claim ID
D. Node name/Serial Number
E. UCS Manager

Question 94
An engineer is configuring a backup operation on the existing Cisco UCS environment using a logical configuration.Which configuration is expected to be saved by using this backup type?
A. systems
B. roles
C. servers
D. service profiles

Question 95
An engineer is seeking the most optimal on demand CPU performance while configuring the BIOS settings of a UCS C-series rack mount server.What setting will accomplish this goal?
A. C6 Retention
B. C6 non-Retention
C. C2 state
D. C0/C1 state Most Voted

Question 96
An engineer is duplicating an existing Cisco UCS setup at a new site.What are two characteristics of a logical configuration backup of a Cisco UCS Manager database? (Choose two.)
A. contains the configured organizations and locales
B. contains the VLAN and VSAN configurations
C. contains the AAA and RBAC configurations
D. contains all of the configurations
E. contains a file with an extension.tgz that stores all of the configurations

Question 97
Refer to the exhibit.Which two Cisco UCS components are upgraded as a result of the configuration? (Choose two.)
Image 350-601_97Q.jpg related to the Cisco 350-601 Exam
B. Cisco UCS Manager
C. board controller
D. adapters

Question 98
Which two settings must be configured before enabling a Cisco UCS Manager domain for Cisco Intersight connectivity? (Choose two.)
A. SMTP servers
B. SMTP reply-to address
C. NTP servers
D. syslog redirection
E. DNS servers

Question 99
An engineer must configure Cisco IMC server management NIC for autonegotiation.Which setting should be selected?
A. shared LOM
B. Cisco card
C. dedicated
D. shared LOM EXT

Question 100
A network engineer is adding a Cisco HyperFlex data platform to the Cisco Intersight management portal.Which two components are required for Intersight to claim the Cisco HyperFlex data platform? (Choose two.)
A. device FQDN
B. device claim code
C. device public IP address
D. device ID
E. device serial number

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