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Cisco 350-401 Exam

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Question 41
While configuring an IOS router for HSRP with a virtual IP of, an engineer sees this log message.Jan 1 12:12:12.111 : %HSRP-4-DIFFVIP1: GigabitEthernet0/0 Grp 1 active routers virtual IP address is different to the locally configured address configuration change must the engineer make?
A. Change the HSRP group configuration on the local router to 1.
B. Change the HSRP virtual address on the local router to Most Voted
C. Change the HSRP virtual address on the remote router to
D. Change the HSRP group configuration on the remote router to 1.

Question 42
A network administrator has designed a network with two multilayer switches on the distribution layer, which act as default gateways for the end hosts. Which two technologies allow every end host in a VLAN to use both gateways? (Choose two.)
B. GLBP Most Voted Most Voted
C. VSS Most Voted
D. MHSRP Most Voted

Question 43
Refer to the exhibit. On which interfaces should VRRP commands be applied to provide first hop redundancy to PC-01 and PC-02?
Image 350-401_43Q.png related to the Cisco 350-401 Exam
A. G0/0 and G0/1 on Core
B. G0/0 on Edge-01 and G0/0 on Edge-02
C. G0/1 on Edge-01 and G0/1 on Edge-02
D. G0/0 and G0/1 on ASW-01

Question 44
Under which network conditions is an outbound QoS policy that is applied on a router WAN interface most beneficial?
A. under traffic classification and marking conditions
B. under interface saturation conditions Most Voted
C. under all network conditions
D. under network convergence conditions

Question 45
An engineer must configure HSRP group 300 on a Cisco IOS router. When the router is functional, it must be the active HSRP router. The peer router has been configured using the default priority value. Which command set is required?
A. standby version 2 standby 300 priority 110 standby 300 preempt
B. standby 300 priority 110 standby 300 timers 1 110
C. standby version 2 standby 300 priority 90 standby 300 preempt
D. standby 300 priority 90 standby 300 preempt

Question 46
What is the function of a fabric border node in a Cisco SD-Access environment?
A. To collect traffic flow information toward external networks.
B. To connect the Cisco SD-Access fabric to another fabric or external Layer 3 networks.
C. To attach and register clients to the fabric.
D. To handle an ordered list of IP addresses and __cpLocations for endpoints in the fabric.

Question 47
In a wireless Cisco SD-Access deployment, which roaming method is used when a user moves from one AP to another on a different access switch using a singleWLC?
A. Layer 3
B. inter-xTR Most Voted
C. auto anchor
D. fast roam

Question 48
What is the recommended MTU size for a Cisco SD-Access Fabric?
A. 4464
B. 17914
C. 9100
D. 1500

Question 49
What is the function of the fabric control plane node in a Cisco SD-Access deployment?
A. It is responsible for policy application and network segmentation in the fabric.
B. It performs traffic encapsulation and security profiles enforcement in the fabric.
C. It holds a comprehensive database that tracks endpoints and networks in the fabric.
D. It provides integration with legacy nonfabric-enabled environments.

Question 50
What is the data policy in a Cisco SD-WAN deployment?
A. list of ordered statements that define node configurations and authentication used within the SD-WAN overlay
B. set of statements that defines how data is forwarded based on IP packet information and specific VPNs Most Voted
C. detailed database mapping several kinds of addresses with their corresponding __cpLocation
D. group of services tested to guarantee devices and links liveliness within the SD-WAN overlay

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