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Cisco 350-401 Exam

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Question 141
Which NTP Stratum level is a server that is connected directly to an authoritative time source?

Question 142
Refer to the exhibit.An engineer reconfigures the port-channel between SW1 and SW2 from an access port to a trunk and immediately notices this error in SW1's log:*Mar 1 09:47:22.245: %PM-4-ERR_DISABLE: bpduguard error detected on Gi0/0, putting Gi0/0 in err-disable stateWhich command set resolves this error?
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Question 143
When a wireless client roams between two different wireless controllers, a network connectivity outage is experienced for a period of time.Which configuration issue would cause this problem?

Question 144
What is the role of the RP in PIM sparse mode?

Question 145
Why is an AP joining a different WLC than the one specified through option 43?

Question 146
Company policy restricts VLAN 10 to be allowed only on SW1 and SW2. All other VLANs can be on all three switches. An administrator has noticed that VLAN 10 has propagated to SW3.Which configuration corrects the issue?
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Question 147
Which First Hop Redundancy Protocol should be used to meet a design requirement for more efficient default gateway bandwidth usage across multiple devices?

Question 148
A client device roams between access points located on different floors in an atrium. The access points are joined to the same controller and configured in local mode. The access points are in different AP groups and have different IP addresses, but the client VLAN in the groups is the same.Which type of roam occurs?

Question 149
Which DHCP option helps lightweight APs find the IP address of a wireless LAN controller?

Question 150
Refer to the exhibit.A network engineer is configuring OSPF between router R1 and router R2. The engineer must ensure that a DR/BDR election does not occur on the GigabitEthernet interfaces in area 0.Which configuration set accomplishes this goal?
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