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Cisco 350-401 Exam

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Question 131
When configuring WPA2 Enterprise on a WLAN, which additional security component configuration is required?

Question 132
A customer has several small branches and wants to deploy a Wi-Fi solution with local management using CAPWAP.Which deployment model meets this requirement?

Question 133
Refer to the exhibit.The WLC administrator sees that the controller to which a roaming client associates has Mobility Role Anchor configured under Clients > Detail.Which type of roaming is supported?
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Question 134
DRAG DROP -Drag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the correct routing protocol types on the right.Select and Place:
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Question 135
Which feature is supported by EIGRP but is not supported by OSPF?

Question 136
What is the correct EBGP path attribute list, ordered from most preferred to least preferred, that the BGP best-path algorithm uses?

Question 137
A local router shows an EBGP neighbor in the Active state.Which statement is true about the local router?

Question 138
Refer to the exhibit.SwitchC connects HR and Sales to the Core switch. However, business needs require that no traffic from the Finance VLAN traverse this switch.Which command meets this requirement?
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Question 139
Refer to the exhibit.An engineer must ensure that all traffic leaving AS 200 will choose Link 2 as the exit point.Assuming that all BGP neighbor relationships have been formed and that the attributes have not been changed on any of the routers, which configuration accomplishes this task?
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Question 140
Which feature of EIGRP is not supported in OSPF?

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