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Cisco 300-715 Exam

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Question 81
A network engineer is configuring guest access and notices that when a guest user registers a second device for access, the first device loses access.What must be done to ensure that both devices for a particular user are able to access the guest network simultaneously?

Question 82
A Cisco ISE administrator needs to ensure that guest endpoint registrations are only valid for 1 day. When testing the guest policy flow, the administrator sees that the Cisco ISE does not delete the endpoint in the GuestEndpoints identity store after 1 day and allows access to the guest network after that period.Which configuration is causing this problem?

Question 83
A network administrator is setting up wireless guest access and has been unsuccessful in testing client access. The endpoint is able to connect to the SSID but is unable to gain access to the guest network through the guest portal.What must be done to identify the problem?

Question 84
An organization is hosting a conference and must make guest accounts for several of the speakers attending. The conference ended two days early but the guest accounts are still being used to access the network.What must be configured to correct this?

Question 85
An organization is migrating its current guest network to Cisco ISE and has 1000 guest users in the current database. There are no resources to enter this information into the Cisco ISE database manually.What must be done to accomplish this task efficiently?

Question 86
A customer wants to set up the Sponsor portal and delegate the authentication flow to a third party for added security while using Kerberos.Which database should be used to accomplish this goal?

Question 87
Which two default guest portals are available with Cisco ISE? (Choose two.)

Question 88
What is the minimum certainty factor when creating a profiler policy?

Question 89
What sends the redirect ACL that is configured in the authorization profile back to the Cisco WLC?

Question 90
Which profiling probe collects the user-agent string?

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