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Cisco 300-715 Exam

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Question 71
Which two methods should a sponsor select to create bulk guest accounts from the sponsor portal? (Choose two.)

Question 72
What is a valid guest portal type?

Question 73
What is the purpose of the ip http server command on a switch?

Question 74
Which advanced option within a WLAN must be enabled to trigger Central Web Authentication for Wireless users on AireOS controller?

Question 75
Which configuration is required in the Cisco ISE authentication policy to allow Central Web Authentication?

Question 76
An engineer is configuring web authentication using non-standard ports and needs the switch to redirect traffic to the correct port.Which command should be used to accomplish this task?

Question 77
An engineer is using Cisco ISE and configuring guest services to allow wireless devices to access the network.Which action accomplishes this task?

Question 78
An engineer is configuring web authentication and needs to allow specific protocols to permit DNS traffic.Which type of access list should be used for this configuration?

Question 79
An administrator is adding a switch to a network that is running Cisco ISE and is only for IP Phones. The phones do not have the ability to authenticate via802.1X.Which command is needed on each switch port for authentication?

Question 80
A network engineer needs to ensure that the access credentials are not exposed during the 802.1X authentication among components.Which two protocols should be configured to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

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