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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 71
A customer managing a large network has implemented __cpLocation services. Due to heavy load, it is needed to load balance the data coming through NMSP from the WLCs. Load must be spread between multiple CMX servers to help optimize the data flow for Aps. Which configuration in CMX meets this requirement?
A. cmxctl config feature flags nmsplb.cmx-ap-grouping true
B. cmxctl config feature flags nmsplb.cmxgrouping true
C. cmxctl config feature flags nmsplb.cmx-loadbalance true
D. cmxctl config feature flags nmsplb.cmx-rssi-distribute true

Question 72
An engineer needs to provision certificates on a Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller. The customer uses a third-party CA server. Which protocol must be used between the controller and CA server to request and install certificates?

Question 73
A corporation has recently implemented a BYOD policy at their HQ. Which two risks should the security director be concerned about? (Choose two.)
A. network analyzers
B. malware
C. lost and stolen devices
D. keyloggers
E. unauthorized users

Question 74
When implementing self-registration for guest/BYOD devices, what happens when an employee tries to connect four devices to the network at the same time?
A. The last device is removed and the newly added device is updated as active device.
B. The registration is allowed, but only one device is connected at any given time.
C. All devices are allowed on the network simultaneously.
D. Purge time dictates how long a device is registered to the portal.

Question 75
What is an important consideration when implementing a dual SSID design for BYOD?
A. After using the provisioning SSID, an ACL that used to make the client switch SSIDs forces the user to associate and traverse the network by MAC filtering.
B. If multiple WLCs are used, the WLAN IDs must be exact for the clients to be provisioned and traverse the network correctly.
C. SSIDs for this setup must be configured with NAC State-RADIUS NAC for the clients to authenticate with Cisco ISE, or with NAC State-ISE NAC for Cisco ISE to associate the client.
D. One SSID is for provisioning and the other SSID is for gaining access to the network. The use of an ACL should not be enforced to make the client connect to the REAL SSID after provisioning.

Question 76
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator deploys the DHCP profiler service in two ISE servers: and All BYOD devices connecting toWLAN on VLAN63 have been incorrectly profiled and are assigned as unknown profiled endpoints. Which action efficiently rectifies the issue according to Cisco recommendations?
Image 300-430_76Q.png related to the Cisco 300-430 Exam
A. Nothing needed to be added on the Cisco WLC or VLAN interface. The ISE configuration must be fixed.
B. Disable DHCP proxy on the Cisco WLC.
C. Disable DHCP proxy on the Cisco WLC and run the ip helper-address command under the VLAN interface to point to DHCP and the two ISE servers.
D. Keep DHCP proxy enabled on the Cisco WLC and define helper-address under the VLAN interface to point to the two ISE servers.

Question 77
An engineer must implement a BYOD policy with these requirements:
-Onboarding unknown machines
-Easily scalable
-Low overhead on the wireless network
Which method satisfies these requirements?
A. triple SSID
B. single SSID
C. open SSID
D. dual SSID

Question 78
A company has a single WLAN configured for 802.1x authentication with the QoS set to Silver. This WLAN supports all corporate and BYOD access. A decision has been made to allow users to install Cisco Jabber on their personal mobile devices. Users report poor voice quality when using Jabber. QoS is being applied only as best effort. What must be configured to ensure that the WLAN remains on the Silver class and to ensure Platinum class for Jabber?
A. Configure QoS on the mobile devices that have Jabber installed.
B. Enable Cisco Centralized Key Management on the WLAN so that the Jabber-enabled devices will connect.
C. Configure the WLAN to broadcast on 5 GHz radios only and allow Jabber users to connect.
D. Configure an AVC profile for the Jabber traffic and apply it to the WLAN.

Question 79
An engineer is implementing profiling for BYOD devices using Cisco ISE. When using a distributed model, which persona must the engineer configure with the profiling service?
A. Device Admin Node
B. Primary Admin Node
C. Monitor Node
D. Policy Services Node

Question 80
DRAG DROP -The network management team in a large shopping center has detected numerous rogue APs from local coffee shops that are broadcasting SSIDs. All of theseSSIDs have names starting with ATC (for example, ATC302, ATC011, and ATC566). A wireless network engineer must appropriately classify these SSIDs using the Rogue Rules feature. Drag and drop the options from the left onto the categories in which they must be used on the right. Not all options are used.Select and Place:
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Image 300-430_80R.png related to the Cisco 300-430 Exam

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