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Cisco 300-430 Exam

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Question 1
On a branch office deployment, it has been noted that if the FlexConnect AP is in standalone mode and loses connection to the WLC, all clients are disconnected, and the SSID is no longer advertised. Considering that FlexConnect local switching is enabled, which setting is causing this behavior?
A. ISE NAC is enabled
B. 802.11r Fast Transition is enabled
C. Client Exclusion is enabled
D. FlexConnect Local Auth is disabled

Question 2
An engineer must implement intrusion protection on the WLAN. The AP coverage is adequate and on-channel attacks are the primary concern. The building is historic, which makes adding APs difficult. Which AP mode and submode must be implemented?
A. AP mode: local, AP submode: none
B. AP mode: monitor, AP submode: WIPS
C. AP mode: monitor, AP submode: none
D. AP mode: local, AP submode: WIPS

Question 3
An engineer is implementing a FlexConnect group for access points at a remote __cpLocation using local switching but central DHCP. Which client feature becomes available only if this configuration is changed?
A. multicast
B. static IP
C. fast roaming

Question 4
A FlexConnect remote office deployment is using five 2702i APs indoors and two 1532i APs outdoors. When a code upgrade is performed and FlexConnect SmartAP Image Upgrade is leveraged, but no FlexConnect Master AP has been configured, how many image transfers between the WLC and APs will occur?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 7

Question 5
Where is a Cisco OEAP enabled on a Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller?
A. RF Profile
B. Flex Profile
C. Policy Profile
D. AP Join Profile

Question 6
When configuring a Cisco WLC, which CLI command adds a VLAN with VLAN ID of 30 to a FlexConnect group named BranchA-FCG?
A. config flexconnect BranchA-FCG vlan 30 add
B. config flexconnect BranchA-FCG vlan add 30
C. config flexconnect group BranchA-FCG vlan 30 add
D. config flexconnect group BranchA-FCG vlan add 30

Question 7
Refer to the exhibit. A customer has implemented Cisco FlexConnect deployments with different WLANs around the globe and is opening a new branch in a different __cpLocation. The engineer's task is to execute all the wireless configuration and to suggest how to configure the switch ports for new APs. Which configuration must the switching team use on the switch port?
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A. trunk mode
B. access mode
C. single VLAN
D. multiple VLAN

Question 8
A corporation is spread across different countries and uses MPLS to connect the offices. The senior management wants to utilize the wireless network for all the employees. To ensure strong connectivity and minimize delays, an engineer needs to control the amount of traffic that is traversing between the APs and the central WLC. Which configuration should be used to accomplish this goal?
A. FlexConnect mode with central switching enabled
B. FlexConnect mode with central authentication
C. FlexConnect mode with OfficeExtend enabled
D. FlexConnect mode with local authentication

Question 9
An engineer configures a Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend AP for a user who works remotely. What is configured on the Cisco WLC to allow the user to print a printer on his home network?
A. split tunneling
B. SE-connect
C. FlexConnect
D. AP failover priority

Question 10
An engineer must configure a Cisco WLC to support Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend APs. Which two Layer 2 security options are supported in this environment? (Choose two.)
A. Static WEP + 802.1X
C. Static WEP
E. 802.1X

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