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Cisco 200-901 Exam

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Question 181
A developer created a new secure API and is testing the functionality locally. The API was added to a container for further testing, and other team members and applications need to connect to the API. Which command exposes the API in the container as port 8443 and allows connections external to the host?
A. docker run -p myapiservice
B. docker run -p myapiservice
C. docker run -p myapiservice
D. docker run -p myapiservice

Question 182
A developer has created a new image to use in a Docker build and has added a tag for the image by using the command:
$ docker tag 84fe411926287 local/app:0.4
Which command must be executed next to build the Docker image using the tag?
A. $ docker build -p local/app:0.4
B. $ docker run -t local/app:0.4
C. $ docker run -p local/app:0.4
D. $ docker build -t local/app:0.4

Question 183
Access to the management interface of devices must be restricted by using SSH and HTTPS. Which two ports must be included in the ACLs for the protocols to work? (Choose two.)
A. 22
B. 23
C. 80
D. 443
E. 880

Question 184
What is a benefit of using a code review process in application development?
A. accelerates the deployment of new features in an existing application
B. provides version control during code development
C. enables the quick deployment of new code
D. eliminates common mistakes during development

Question 185
Which OWASP threat takes advantage of a web application that the user has already authenticated to execute an attack?
A. phishing
B. DoS
C. brute force attack

Question 186
Refer to the exhibit. An application must be deployed on a server that has other applications installed. The server resources are to be allocated based on the deployment requirements. The OS for each application must be independent. Which type of deployment is used?
Image 200-901_186Q.png related to the Cisco 200-901 Exam
A. hybrid
B. virtual machines
C. containers
D. bare metal

Question 187
What is a benefit of a distributed version control system?
A. encourages users to commit small places of work to the system more frequently
B. ensures that all code meets minimum standards before being committed to the system
C. allows users to work on the codebase even when not connected to the Internet
D. ensures that all code is tested before being committed to the system

Question 188
A company requires a new platform to store large volumes of log data that is generated in their assembly plant. The platform must be scalable, so the underlying technology must provide a path for fast deployment of new nodes for data and indexing? The data contains sensitive information, so specialist encryption tools must be used to secure the data. Which application deployment model meets the requirements?
A. edge
B. private cloud
C. public cloud
D. hybrid cloud

Question 189
What is a procedural component of CI/CD pipelines?
A. Bundled artifacts must be generated.
B. Every test must pass for the pipeline to continue its execution.
C. Some tests fall without stopping the pipeline execution.
D. The release label that identifies the build is optional.

Question 190
Which OWASP threat occurs when untrusted data is supplied as input to an interpreter as part of a command or query?
A. broken authentication
B. data exposure
C. injection
D. cross-site scripting

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