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Amazon SCS-C01 Exam

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Question 51
The Security Engineer created a new AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) key with the following key policy:What are the effects of the key policy? (Choose two.)
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Question 52
A company uses AWS Organization to manage 50 AWS accounts. The finance staff members log in as AWS IAM users in the FinanceDept AWS account. The staff members need to read the consolidated billing information in the MasterPayer AWS account. They should not be able to view any other resources in theMasterPayer AWS account. IAM access to billing has been enabled in the MasterPayer account.
Which of the following approaches grants the finance staff the permissions they require without granting any unnecessary permissions?

Question 53
A Solutions Architect is designing a web application that uses Amazon CloudFront, an Elastic Load Balancing Application Load Balancer, and an Auto Scaling group of Amazon EC2 instances. The load balancer and EC2 instances are in the US West (Oregon) region. It has been decided that encryption in transit is necessary by using a customer-branded domain name from the client to CloudFront and from CloudFront to the load balancer.
Assuming that AWS Certificate Manager is used, how many certificates will need to be generated?

Question 54
A Security Engineer has been asked to troubleshoot inbound connectivity to a web server. This single web server is not receiving inbound connections from the internet, whereas all other web servers are functioning properly.
The architecture includes network ACLs, security groups, and a virtual security appliance. In addition, the Development team has implemented Application LoadBalancers (ALBs) to distribute the load across all web servers. It is a requirement that traffic between the web servers and the internet flow through the virtual security appliance.
The Security Engineer has verified the following:
1. The rule set in the Security Groups is correct
2. The rule set in the network ACLs is correct
3. The rule set in the virtual appliance is correct
Which of the following are other valid items to troubleshoot in this scenario? (Choose two.)

Question 55
Which approach will generate automated security alerts should too many unauthorized AWS API requests be identified?

Question 56
A company has multiple production AWS accounts. Each account has AWS CloudTrail configured to log to a single Amazon S3 bucket in a central account. Two of the production accounts have trails that are not logging anything to the S3 bucket.
Which steps should be taken to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose three.)

Question 57
Amazon CloudWatch Logs agent is successfully delivering logs to the CloudWatch Logs service. However, logs stop being delivered after the associated log stream has been active for a specific number of hours.
What steps are necessary to identify the cause of this phenomenon? (Choose two.)

Question 58
A company has deployed a custom DNS server in AWS. The Security Engineer wants to ensure that Amazon EC2 instances cannot use the Amazon-providedDNS.
How can the Security Engineer block access to the Amazon-provided DNS in the VPC?

Question 59
An employee accidentally exposed an AWS access key and secret access key during a public presentation. The company Security Engineer immediately disabled the key.
How can the Engineer assess the impact of the key exposure and ensure that the credentials were not misused? (Choose two.)

Question 60
Which of the following minimizes the potential attack surface for applications?