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Amazon SCS-C01 Exam

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Question 41
The Development team receives an error message each time the team members attempt to encrypt or decrypt a Secure String parameter from the SSMParameter Store by using an AWS KMS customer managed key (CMK).
Which CMK-related issues could be responsible? (Choose two.)

Question 42
An application has been written that publishes custom metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. Recently, IAM changes have been made on the account and the metrics are no longer being reported.
Which of the following is the LEAST permissive solution that will allow the metrics to be delivered?

Question 43
A Developer's laptop was stolen. The laptop was not encrypted, and it contained the SSH key used to access multiple Amazon EC2 instances. A SecurityEngineer has verified that the key has not been used, and has blocked port 22 to all EC2 instances while developing a response plan.
How can the Security Engineer further protect currently running instances?

Question 44
An organization has tens of applications deployed on thousands of Amazon EC2 instances. During testing, the Application team needs information to let them know whether the network access control lists (network ACLs) and security groups are working as expected.
How can the Application team's requirements be met?

Question 45
An application outputs logs to a text file. The logs must be continuously monitored for security incidents.
Which design will meet the requirements with MINIMUM effort?

Question 46
The Security Engineer for a mobile game has to implement a method to authenticate users so that they can save their progress. Because most of the users are part of the same OpenID-Connect compatible social media website, the Security Engineer would like to use that as the identity provider.
Which solution is the SIMPLEST way to allow the authentication of users using their social media identities?

Question 47
A Software Engineer is trying to figure out why network connectivity to an Amazon EC2 instance does not appear to be working correctly. Its security group allows inbound HTTP traffic from, and the outbound rules have not been modified from the default. A custom network ACL associated with its subnet allows inbound HTTP traffic from and has no outbound rules.
What would resolve the connectivity issue?

Question 48
A Security Engineer has been asked to create an automated process to disable IAM user access keys that are more than three months old.
Which of the following options should the Security Engineer use?

Question 49
The InfoSec team has mandated that in the future only approved Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) can be used.
How can the InfoSec team ensure compliance with this mandate?

Question 50
A pharmaceutical company has digitized versions of historical prescriptions stored on premises. The company would like to move these prescriptions to AWS and perform analytics on the data in them. Any operation with this data requires that the data be encrypted in transit and at rest.
Which application flow would meet the data protection requirements on AWS?