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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 21
The following are AWS Storage services? (Choose two.)

Question 22
How is AWS readily distinguished from other vendors in the traditional IT computing landscape?

Question 23
You have launched an EC2 instance with four (4) 500 GB EBS Provisioned IOPS volumes attached. The EC2 instance is EBS-Optimized and supports 500 Mbps throughput between EC2 and EBS. The four EBS volumes are configured as a single RAID 0 device, and each Provisioned IOPS volume is provisioned with 4,000IOPS (4,000 16KB reads or writes), for a total of 16,000 random IOPS on the instance. The EC2 instance initially delivers the expected 16,000 IOPS random read and write performance. Sometime later, in order to increase the total random I/O performance of the instance, you add an additional two 500 GB EBS ProvisionedIOPS volumes to the RAID. Each volume is provisioned to 4,000 IOPs like the original four, for a total of 24,000 IOPS on the EC2 instance. Monitoring shows that the EC2 instance CPU utilization increased from 50% to 70%, but the total random IOPS measured at the instance level does not increase at all.
What is the problem and a valid solution?

Question 24
Your company is storing millions of sensitive transactions across thousands of 100-GB files that must be encrypted in transit and at rest. Analysts concurrently depend on subsets of files, which can consume up to 5 TB of space, to generate simulations that can be used to steer business decisions.
You are required to design an AWS solution that can cost effectively accommodate the long-term storage and in-flight subsets of data.
Which approach can satisfy these objectives?

Question 25
Your customer is willing to consolidate their log streams (access logs, application logs, security logs, etc.) in one single system. Once consolidated, the customer wants to analyze these logs in real time based on heuristics. From time to time, the customer needs to validate heuristics, which requires going back to data samples extracted from the last 12 hours.
What is the best approach to meet your customer's requirements?

Question 26
A newspaper organization has an on-premises application which allows the public to search its back catalogue and retrieve individual newspaper pages via a website written in Java. They have scanned the old newspapers into JPEGs (approx 17TB) and used Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to populate a commercial search product. The hosting platform and software are now end of life and the organization wants to migrate its archive to AWS and produce a cost efficient architecture and still be designed for availability and durability.
Which is the most appropriate?

Question 27
A company has a complex web application that leverages Amazon CloudFront for global scalability and performance. Over time, users report that the web application is slowing down.
The company's operations team reports that the CloudFront cache hit ratio has been dropping steadily. The cache metrics report indicates that query strings on some URLs are inconsistently ordered and are specified sometimes in mixed-case letters and sometimes in lowercase letters.
Which set of actions should the solutions architect take to increase the cache hit ratio as quickly possible?

Question 28
You are looking to migrate your Development (Dev) and Test environments to AWS. You have decided to use separate AWS accounts to host each environment.
You plan to link each accounts bill to a Master AWS account using Consolidated Billing. To make sure you keep within budget you would like to implement a way for administrators in the Master account to have access to stop, delete and/or terminate resources in both the Dev and Test accounts.
Identify which option will allow you to achieve this goal.

Question 29
You're running an application on-premises due to its dependency on non-x86 hardware and want to use AWS for data backup. Your backup application is only able to write to POSIX-compatible block-based storage. You have 140TB of data and would like to mount it as a single folder on your file server. Users must be able to access portions of this data while the backups are taking place.
What backup solution would be most appropriate for this use case?

Question 30
To serve Web traffic for a popular product your chief financial officer and IT director have purchased 10 m1.
large heavy utilization Reserved Instances (RIs), evenly spread across two availability zones; Route 53 is used to deliver the traffic to an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). After several months, the product grows even more popular and you need additional capacity. As a result, your company purchases two C3.2xlarge medium utilization Ris. You register the two c3.2xlarge instances with your ELB and quickly find that the m1.
large instances are at 100% of capacity and the c3.2xlarge instances have significant capacity that's unused.
Which option is the most cost effective and uses EC2 capacity most effectively?