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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 11
Your company has an on-premises multi-tier PHP web application, which recently experienced downtime due to a large burst in web traffic due to a company announcement Over the coming days, you are expecting similar announcements to drive similar unpredictable bursts, and are looking to find ways to quickly improve your infrastructures ability to handle unexpected increases in traffic.
The application currently consists of 2 tiers a web tier which consists of a load balancer and several Linux Apache web servers as well as a database tier which hosts a Linux server hosting a MySQL database.
Which scenario below will provide full site functionality, while helping to improve the ability of your application in the short timeframe required?

Question 12
You are implementing AWS Direct Connect. You intend to use AWS public service end points such as Amazon S3, across the AWS Direct Connect link. You want other Internet traffic to use your existing link to an Internet Service Provider.
What is the correct way to configure AWS Direct connect for access to services such as Amazon S3?

Question 13
Your application is using an ELB in front of an Auto Scaling group of web/application servers deployed across two AZs and a Multi-AZ RDS Instance for data persistence.
The database CPU is often above 80% usage and 90% of I/O operations on the database are reads. To improve performance you recently added a single-nodeMemcached ElastiCache Cluster to cache frequent DB query results. In the next weeks the overall workload is expected to grow by 30%.
Do you need to change anything in the architecture to maintain the high availability or the application with the anticipated additional load? Why?

Question 14
An ERP application is deployed across multiple AZs in a single region. In the event of failure, the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) must be less than 3 hours, and the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) must be 15 minutes. The customer realizes that data corruption occurred roughly 1.5 hours ago.
What DR strategy could be used to achieve this RTO and RPO in the event of this kind of failure?

Question 15
You are designing the network infrastructure for an application server in Amazon VPC. Users will access all application instances from the Internet, as well as from an on-premises network. The on-premises network is connected to your VPC over an AWS Direct Connect link.
How would you design routing to meet the above requirements?

Question 16
You control access to S3 buckets and objects with:

Question 17
The AWS IT infrastructure that AWS provides, complies with the following IT security standards, including:

Question 18
Auto Scaling requests are signed with a _________ signature calculated from the request and the user's private key.

Question 19
The following policy can be attached to an IAM group. It lets an IAM user in that group access a "home directory" in AWS S3 that matches their user name using the console.
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Question 20
What does elasticity mean to AWS?