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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 201
True or False: "In the context of Amazon ElastiCache, from the application's point of view, connecting to the cluster configuration endpoint is no different than connecting directly to an individual cache node."

Question 202
An organization is setting up a highly scalable application using Elastic Beanstalk.
They are using Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) as well as a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with public and private subnets. They have the following requirements:
- All the EC2 instances should have a private IP
- All the EC2 instances should receive data via the ELB's.
Which of these will not be needed in this setup?

Question 203
An EC2 instance that performs source/destination checks by default is launched in a private VPC subnet. All security, NACL, and routing definitions are configured as expected. A custom NAT instance is launched.
Which of the following must be done for the custom NAT instance to work?

Question 204
An organization has created multiple components of a single application for compartmentalization. Currently all the components are hosted on a single EC2 instance. Due to security reasons the organization wants to implement two separate SSLs for the separate modules although it is already using VPC.
How can the organization achieve this with a single instance?

Question 205
An organization is making software for the CIA in USA. CIA agreed to host the application on AWS but in a secure environment. The organization is thinking of hosting the application on the AWS GovCloud region. Which of the below mentioned difference is not correct when the organization is hosting on the AWSGovCloud in comparison with the AWS standard region?

Question 206
How does in-memory caching improve the performance of applications in ElastiCache?

Question 207
A user is thinking to use EBS PIOPS volume.
Which of the below mentioned options is a right use case for the PIOPS EBS volume?

Question 208
How can a user list the IAM Role configured as a part of the launch config?

Question 209
An organization is setting up a multi-site solution where the application runs on premise as well as on AWS to achieve the minimum recovery time objective(RTO).
Which of the below mentioned configurations will not meet the requirements of the multi-site solution scenario?

Question 210
Which of the following is true of an instance profile when an IAM role is created using the console?