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Amazon SAP-C01 Exam

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Question 191
You have been given the task to define multiple AWS Data Pipeline schedules for different activities in the same pipeline.
Which of the following would successfully accomplish this task?

Question 192
In a VPC, can you modify a set of DHCP options after you create them?

Question 193
A bucket owner has allowed another account's IAM users to upload or access objects in his bucket. The IAM user of Account A is trying to access an object created by the IAM user of account B. What will happen in this scenario?

Question 194
Which statement is NOT true about a stack which has been created in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in AWS OpsWorks?

Question 195
An organization has hosted an application on the EC2 instances. There will be multiple users connecting to the instance for setup and configuration of application.
The organization is planning to implement certain security best practices.
Which of the below mentioned pointers will not help the organization achieve better security arrangement?

Question 196
By default, temporary security credentials for an IAM user are valid for a maximum of 12 hours, but you can request a duration as long as _________ hours.

Question 197
What RAID method is used on the Cloud Block Storage back-end to implement a very high level of reliability and performance?

Question 198
One of the AWS account owners faced a major challenge in June as his account was hacked and the hacker deleted all the data from his AWS account. This resulted in a major blow to the business.
Which of the below mentioned steps would not have helped in preventing this action?

Question 199
With Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) you can analyze and process vast amounts of data. The cluster is managed using an open-source framework called Hadoop. You have set up an application to run Hadoop jobs. The application reads data from DynamoDB and generates a temporary file of 100 TBs.
The whole process runs for 30 minutes and the output of the job is stored to S3.
Which of the below mentioned options is the most cost effective solution in this case?

Question 200
In Amazon SNS, to send push notifications to mobile devices using Amazon SNS and ADM, you need to obtain the following, except: