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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 231
A company stores user data in AWS. The data is used continuously with peak usage during business hours. Access patterns vary, with some data not being used for months at a time. A solutions architect must choose a cost-effective solution that maintains the highest level of durability while maintaining high availability.
Which storage solution meets these requirements?

Question 232
A company receives inconsistent service from its data center provider because the company is headquartered in an area affected by natural disasters. The company is not ready to fully migrate to the AWS Cloud, but it wants a failure environment on AWS in case the on-premises data center fails.
The company runs web servers that connect to external vendors. The data available on AWS and on premises must be uniform.
Which solution should a solutions architect recommend that has the LEAST amount of downtime?

Question 233
A company has three VPCs named Development, Testing, and Production in the us-east-1 Region. The three VPCs need to be connected to an on-premises data center and are designed to be separate to maintain security and prevent any resource sharing. A solutions architect needs to find a scalable and secure solution.
What should the solutions architect recommend?

Question 234
What should a solutions architect do to ensure that all objects uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket are encrypted?

Question 235
A company needs a secure connection between its on-premises environment and AWS. This connection does not need high bandwidth and will handle a small amount of traffic. The connection should be set up quickly.
What is the MOST cost-effective method to establish this type of connection?

Question 236
A company uses Application Load Balancers (ALBs) in different AWS Regions. The ALBs receive inconsistent traffic that can spike and drop throughout the year.
The company's networking team needs to allow the IP addresses of the ALBs in the on-premises firewall to enable connectivity.
Which solution is the MOST scalable with minimal configuration changes?

Question 237
A company runs a high performance computing (HPC) workload on AWS. The workload required low-latency network performance and high network throughput with tightly coupled node-to-node communication. The Amazon EC2 instances are properly sized for compute and storage capacity, and are launched using default options.
What should a solutions architect propose to improve the performance of the workload?

Question 238
A company uses a legacy on-premises analytics application that operates on gigabytes of .csv files and represents months of data. The legacy application cannot handle the growing size of .csv files. New .csv files are added daily from various data sources to a central on-premises storage __cpLocation. The company wants to continue to support the legacy application while users learn AWS analytics services. To achieve this, a solutions architect wants to maintain two synchronized copies of all the .csv files on-premises and in Amazon S3.
Which solution should the solutions architect recommend?

Question 239
A company has media and application files that need to be shared internally. Users currently are authenticated using Active Directory and access files from aMicrosoft Windows platform. The chief executive officer wants to keep the same user permissions, but wants the company to improve the process as the company is reaching its storage capacity limit.
What should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 240
A company is deploying a web portal. The company wants to ensure that only the web portion of the application is publicly accessible. To accomplish this, theVPC was designed with two public subnets and two private subnets. The application will run on several Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group. SSL termination must be offloaded from the EC2 instances.
What should a solutions architect do to ensure these requirements are met?

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