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Amazon SAA-C02 Exam

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Question 221
A company hosts an online shopping application that stores all orders in an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Single-AZ DB instance. Management wants to eliminate single points of failure and has asked a solutions architect to recommend an approach to minimize database downtime without requiring any changes to the application code.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 222
A company has a 10 Gbps AWS Direct Connect connection from its on-premises servers to AWS. The workloads using the connection are critical. The company requires a disaster recovery strategy with maximum resiliency that maintains the current connection bandwidth at a minimum.
What should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 223
A solutions architect is designing a VPC with public and private subnets. The VPC and subnets use IPv4 CIDR blocks. There is one public subnet and one private subnet in each of three Availability Zones (AZs) for high availability. An internet gateway is used to provide internet access for the public subnets. The private subnets require access to the internet to allow Amazon EC2 instances to download software updates.
What should the solutions architect do to enable internet access for the private subnets?

Question 224
As part of budget planning, management wants a report of AWS billed items listed by user. The data will be used to create department budgets. A solutions architect needs to determine the most efficient way to obtain this report information.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 225
A company with facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia is designing new distributed application to optimize its global supply chain and manufacturing process. The orders booked on one continent should be visible to all Regions in a second or less. The database should be able to support failover with a shortRecovery Time Objective (RTO). The uptime of the application is important to ensure that manufacturing is not impacted.
What should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 226
A company's near-real-time streaming application is running on AWS. As the data is ingested, a job runs on the data and takes 30 minutes to complete. The workload frequently experiences high latency due to large amounts of incoming data. A solutions architect needs to design a scalable and serverless solution to enhance performance.
Which combination of steps should the solutions architect take? (Choose two.)

Question 227
An application running on an Amazon EC2 instance needs to access an Amazon DynamoDB table. Both the EC2 instance and the DynamoDB table are in the same AWS account. A solutions architect must configure the necessary permissions.
Which solution will allow least privilege access to the DynamoDB table from the EC2 instance?

Question 228
A solutions architect is designing a solution that involves orchestrating a series of Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) task types running onAmazon EC2 instances that are part of an ECS cluster. The output and state data for all tasks needs to be stored. The amount of data output by each task is approximately 10 MB, and there could be hundreds of tasks running at a time. The system should be optimized for high-frequency reading and writing. As old outputs are archived and deleted, the storage size is not expected to exceed 1 TB.
Which storage solution should the solutions architect recommend?

Question 229
An online photo application lets users upload photos and perform image editing operations. The application offers two classes of service: free and paid. Photos submitted by paid users are processed before those submitted by free users. Photos are uploaded to Amazon S3 and the job information is sent to Amazon SQS.
Which configuration should a solutions architect recommend?

Question 230
A company wants to migrate its MySQL database from on premises to AWS. The company recently experienced a database outage that significantly impacted the business. To ensure this does not happen again, the company wants a reliable database solution on AWS that minimizes data loss and stores every transaction on at least two nodes.
Which solution meets these requirements?

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