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Amazon DVA-C01 Exam

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Question 41
An application uses Amazon Kinesis Data Streams to ingest and process large streams of data records in real time. Amazon EC2 instances consume and process the data from the shards of the Kinesis data stream by using Amazon Kinesis Client Library (KCL). The application handles the failure scenarios and does not require standby workers. The application reports that a specific shard is receiving more data than expected. To adapt to the changes in the rate of data flow, the`hot` shard is resharded.
Assuming that the initial number of shards in the Kinesis data stream is 4, and after resharding the number of shards increased to 6, what is the maximum number of EC2 instances that can be deployed to process data from all the shards?

Question 42
A Company runs continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for its application on AWS CodePipeline. A Developer must write unit tests and run them as part of the pipelines before staging the artifacts for testing.
How should the Developer incorporate unit tests as part of CI/CD pipelines?

Question 43
A Developer has written an application that runs on Amazon EC2 instances and generates a value every minute. The Developer wants to monitor and graph the values generated over time without logging in to the instance each time.
Which approach should the Developer use to achieve this goal?

Question 44
A developer is trying to get data from an Amazon DynamoDB table called demoman-table. The developer configured the AWS CLI to use a specific IAM user's credentials and executed the following command:The command returned errors and no rows were returned.
What is the MOST likely cause of these issues?
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Question 45
A Development team is working on a case management solution that allows medical claims to be processed and reviewed. Users log in to provide information related to their medical and financial situations.
As part of the application, sensitive documents such as medical records, medical imaging, bank statements, and receipts are uploaded to Amazon S3. All documents must be securely transmitted and stored. All access to the documents must be recorded for auditing.
What is the MOST secure approach?

Question 46
A developer is planning to use an Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda to provide a REST API. The developer will have three distinct environments to manage: development, test, and production.
How should the application be deployed while minimizing the number of resources to manage?

Question 47
An application needs to use the IP address of the client in its processing. The application has been moved into AWS and has been placed behind an ApplicationLoad Balancer (ALB). However, all the client IP addresses now appear to be the same. The application must maintain the ability to scale horizontally.
Based on this scenario, what is the MOST cost-effective solution to this problem?

Question 48
A developer tested an application locally and then deployed it to AWS Lambda. While testing the application remotely, the Lambda function fails with an access denied message.
How can this issue be addressed?

Question 49
A Developer must analyze performance issues with production-distributed applications written as AWS Lambda functions. These distributed Lambda applications invoke other components that make up the applications.
How should the Developer identify and troubleshoot the root cause of the performance issues in production?

Question 50
A company is building a compute-intensive application that will run on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. The application uses attached Amazon EBS disks for storing data. The application will process sensitive information and all the data must be encrypted.
What should a Developer do to ensure the data is encrypted on disk without impacting performance?