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Amazon DVA-C01 Exam

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Question 31
A Developer is migrating an on-premises application to AWS. The application currently takes user uploads and saves them to a local directory on the server. All uploads must be saved and made immediately available to all instances in an Auto Scaling group.
Which approach will meet these requirements?

Question 32
A developer is creating a script to automate the deployment process for a serverless application. The developer wants to use an existing AWS ServerlessApplication Model (AWS SAM) template for the application.
What should the developer use for the project? (Choose two.)

Question 33
A developer has built a market application that stores pricing data in Amazon DynamoDB with Amazon ElastiCache in front. The prices of items in the market change frequently. Sellers have begun complaining that, after they update the price of an item, the price does not actually change in the product listing.
What could be causing this issue?

Question 34
The developer is creating a web application that collects highly regulated and confidential user data through a POST request. The web application is served through Amazon CloudFront. User names and phone numbers must be encrypted at the edge and must remain encrypted throughout the entire application stack.
What is the MOST secure way to meet these requirements?

Question 35
A Developer has been asked to create an AWS Lambda function that is triggered any time updates are made to items in an Amazon DynamoDB table. The function has been created, and appropriate permissions have been added to the Lambda execution role. Amazon DynamoDB streams have been enabled for the table, but the function is still not being triggered.
Which option would enable DynamoDB table updates to trigger the Lambda function?

Question 36
A company maintains a REST service using Amazon API Gateway and the API Gateway native API key validation. The company recently launched a new registration page, which allows users to sign up for the service. The registration page creates a new API key using CreateApiKey and sends the new key to the user. When the user attempts to call the API using this key, the user receives a 403 Forbidden error. Existing users are unaffected and can still call the API.
What code updates will grant these new users access to the API?

Question 37
An application uploads photos to an Amazon S3 bucket. Each photo that is uploaded to the S3 bucket must be resized to a thumbnail image by the application.
Each thumbnail image is uploaded with a new name in the same S3 bucket.
Which AWS service can a developer configure to directly process each single S3 event for each S3 object upload?

Question 38
A company is running a Docker application on Amazon ECS. The application must scale based on user load in the last 15 seconds.
How should a Developer instrument the code so that the requirement can be met?

Question 39
Where should the appspec.
yml file be placed in order for AWS CodeDeploy to work?

Question 40
A Developer is working on an application that handles 10MB documents that contain highly-sensitive data. The application will use AWS KMS to perform client- side encryption.
What steps must be followed?