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Amazon DOP-C01 Exam

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Question 11
A company wants to ensure that their EC2 instances are secure. They want to be notified if any new vulnerabilities are discovered on their instances, and they also want an audit trail of all login activities on the instances.
Which solution will meet these requirements?

Question 12
A DevOps Engineer needs to back up sensitive Amazon S3 objects that are stored within an S3 bucket with a private bucket policy using the S3 cross-region replication functionality. The objects need to be copied to a target bucket in a different AWS Region and account.
Which actions should be performed to enable this replication? (Choose three.)

Question 13
A company is using Amazon EC2 for various workloads. Company policy requires that instances be managed centrally to standardize configurations. These configurations include standard logging, metrics, security assessments, and weekly patching.
How can the company meet these requirements? (Choose three.)

Question 14
A business has an application that consists of five independent AWS Lambda functions.
The DevOps Engineer has built a CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild that builds, tests, packages, and deploys each Lambda function in sequence. The pipeline uses an Amazon CloudWatch Events rule to ensure the pipeline execution starts as quickly as possible after a change is made to the application source code.
After working with the pipeline for a few months, the DevOps Engineer has noticed the pipeline takes too long to complete.
What should the DevOps Engineer implement to BEST improve the speed of the pipeline?

Question 15
A company is creating a software solution that executes a specific parallel-processing mechanism. The software can scale to tens of servers in some special scenarios. This solution uses a proprietary library that is license-based, requiring that each individual server have a single, dedicated license installed. The company has 200 licenses and is planning to run 200 server nodes concurrently at most.
The company has requested the following features:
- A mechanism to automate the use of the licenses at scale.
- Creation of a dashboard to use in the future to verify which licenses are available at any moment.
What is the MOST effective way to accomplish these requirements?

Question 16
A DevOps Engineer administers an application that manages video files for a video production company. The application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an ELB Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. Data is stored in an Amazon RDS PostgreSQLMulti-AZ DB instance, and the video files are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. On a typical day, 50 GB of new video are added to the S3 bucket. The Engineer must implement a multi-region disaster recovery plan with the least data loss and the lowest recovery times. The current application infrastructure is already described using AWS CloudFormation.
Which deployment option should the Engineer choose to meet the uptime and recovery objectives for the system?

Question 17
A company is using AWS CodePipeline to automate its release pipeline. AWS CodeDeploy is being used in the pipeline to deploy an application to Amazon ECS using the blue/green deployment model. The company wants to implement scripts to test the green version of the application before shifting traffic. These scripts will complete in 5 minutes or less. If errors are discovered during these tests, the application must be rolled back.
Which strategy will meet these requirements?

Question 18
A company requires an RPO of 2 hours and an RTO of 10 minutes for its data and application at all times. An application uses a MySQL database and AmazonEC2 web servers. The development team needs a strategy for failover and disaster recovery.
Which combination of deployment strategies will meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Question 19
An Amazon EC2 instance is running in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and needs to download an object from a restricted Amazon S3 bucket. When the DevOps engineer tries to download, the object an AccessDenied error is received.
What are the possible causes for this error? (Choose two.)

Question 20
A DevOps team manages an API running on-premises that serves as a backend for an Amazon API Gateway endpoint. Customers have been complaining about high response latencies, which the development team has verified using the API Gateway latency metrics in Amazon CloudWatch. To identify the cause, the team needs to collect relevant data without introducing additional latency.
Which actions should be taken to accomplish this? (Choose two.)