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Amazon DOP-C01 Exam

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Question 1
A company wants to migrate its content sharing web application hosted on Amazon EC2 to a serverless architecture. The company currently deploys changes to its application by creating a new Auto Scaling group of EC2 instances and a new Elastic Load Balancer, and then shifting the traffic away using an Amazon Route53 weighted routing policy.
For its new serverless application, the company is planning to use Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. The company will need to update its deployment processes to work with the new application. It will also need to retain the ability to test new features on a small number of users before rolling the features out to the entire user base.
Which deployment strategy will meet these requirements?

Question 2
A company's application is currently deployed to a single AWS Region. Recently, the company opened a new office on a different continent. The users in the new office are experiencing high latency. The company's application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) and uses AmazonDynamoDB as the database layer. The instances run in an EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. A DevOps Engineer is tasked with minimizing application response times and improving availability for users in both Regions.
Which combination of actions should be taken to address the latency issues? (Choose three.)

Question 3
A DevOps engineer used an AWS CloudFormation custom resource to set up AD Connector. The AWS Lambda function executed and created AD Connector, butCloudFormation is not transitioning from CREATE_IN_PROGRESS to CREATE_COMPLETE.
Which action should the engineer take to resolve this issue?

Question 4
A company plans to stop using Amazon EC2 key pairs for SSH access, and instead plans to use AWS Systems Manager Session Manager. To further enhance security, access to Session Manager must take place over a private network only.
Which combinations of actions will accomplish this? (Choose two.)

Question 5
A company runs an application with an Amazon EC2 and on-premises configuration. A DevOps Engineer needs to standardize patching across both environments. Company policy dictates that patching only happens during non-business hours.
Which combination of actions will meet these requirements? (Choose three.)

Question 6
A company has many applications. Different teams in the company developed the applications by using multiple languages and frameworks. The applications run on premises and on different servers with different operating systems. Each team has its own release protocol and process. The company wants to reduce the complexity of the release and maintenance of these applications.
The company is migrating its technology stacks, including these applications, to AWS. The company wants centralized control of source code, a consistent and automatic delivery pipeline, and as few maintenance tasks as possible on the underlying infrastructure.
What should a DevOps engineer do to meet these requirements?

Question 7
A DevOps engineer is developing an application for a company. The application needs to persist files to Amazon S3. The application needs to upload files with different security classifications that the company defines. These classifications include confidential, private, and public. Files that have a confidential classification must not be viewable by anyone other than the user who uploaded them. The application uses the IAM role of the user to call the S3 API operations.
The DevOps engineer has modified the application to add a DataClassification tag with the value of confidential and an Owner tag with the uploading user's ID to each confidential object that is uploaded to Amazon S3.
Which set of additional steps must the DevOps engineer take to meet the company's requirements?

Question 8
A company has developed an AWS Lambda function that handles orders received through an API. The company is using AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the Lambda function as the final stage of a CI/CD pipeline.
A DevOps Engineer has noticed there are intermittent failures of the ordering API for a few seconds after deployment. After some investigation, the DevOpsEngineer believes the failures are due to database changes not having fully propagated before the Lambda function begins executing.
How should the DevOps Engineer overcome this?

Question 9
A software company wants to automate the build process for a project where the code is stored in GitHub. When the repository is updated, source code should be compiled, tested, and pushed to Amazon S3.
Which combination of steps would address these requirements? (Choose three.)

Question 10
An online retail company based in the United States plans to expand its operations to Europe and Asia in the next six months. Its product currently runs onAmazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. All data is stored in an Amazon Aurora database instance.
When the product is deployed in multiple regions, the company wants a single product catalog across all regions, but for compliance purposes, its customer information and purchases must be kept in each region.
How should the company meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of application changes?