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Amazon DBS-C01 Exam

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Question 61
A gaming company has recently acquired a successful iOS game, which is particularly popular during the holiday season. The company has decided to add a leaderboard to the game that uses Amazon DynamoDB. The application load is expected to ramp up over the holiday season.
Which solution will meet these requirements at the lowest cost?

Question 62
A company's Security department established new requirements that state internal users must connect to an existing Amazon RDS for SQL Server DB instance using their corporate Active Directory (AD) credentials. A Database Specialist must make the modifications needed to fulfill this requirement.
Which combination of actions should the Database Specialist take? (Choose three.)

Question 63
A Database Specialist is performing a proof of concept with Amazon Aurora using a small instance to confirm a simple database behavior. When loading a large dataset and creating the index, the Database Specialist encounters the following error message from Aurora:ERROR: cloud not write block 7507718 of temporary file: No space left on deviceWhat is the cause of this error and what should the Database Specialist do to resolve this issue?

Question 64
A financial company wants to store sensitive user data in an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster. The database will be accessed by multiple applications across the company. The company has mandated that all communications to the database be encrypted and the server identity must be validated. Any non-SSL- based connections should be disallowed access to the database.
Which solution addresses these requirements?

Question 65
A company is using 5 TB Amazon RDS DB instances and needs to maintain 5 years of monthly database backups for compliance purposes. A DatabaseAdministrator must provide Auditors with data within 24 hours.
Which solution will meet these requirements and is the MOST operationally efficient?

Question 66
A company wants to automate the creation of secure test databases with random credentials to be stored safely for later use. The credentials should have sufficient information about each test database to initiate a connection and perform automated credential rotations. The credentials should not be logged or stored anywhere in an unencrypted form.
Which steps should a Database Specialist take to meet these requirements using an AWS CloudFormation template?

Question 67
A company is going to use an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster for an application backend. The DB cluster contains some tables with sensitive data. ADatabase Specialist needs to control the access privileges at the table level.
How can the Database Specialist meet these requirements?

Question 68
A Database Specialist is working with a company to launch a new website built on Amazon Aurora with several Aurora Replicas. This new website will replace an on-premises website connected to a legacy relational database. Due to stability issues in the legacy database, the company would like to test the resiliency ofAurora.
Which action can the Database Specialist take to test the resiliency of the Aurora DB cluster?

Question 69
A company just migrated to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL from an on-premises Oracle database. After the migration, the company discovered there is a period of time every day around 3:00 PM where the response time of the application is noticeably slower. The company has narrowed down the cause of this issue to the database and not the application.
Which set of steps should the Database Specialist take to most efficiently find the problematic PostgreSQL query?

Question 70
A company has a web-based survey application that uses Amazon DynamoDB. During peak usage, when survey responses are being collected, a DatabaseSpecialist sees the ProvisionedThroughputExceededException error.
What can the Database Specialist do to resolve this error? (Choose two.)