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Amazon DBS-C01 Exam

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Question 51
A company runs online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads on an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Multi-AZ DB instance. Tests were run on the database after work hours, which generated additional database logs. The free storage of the RDS DB instance is low due to these additional logs.
What should the company do to address this space constraint issue?

Question 52
A user has a non-relational key-value database. The user is looking for a fully managed AWS service that will offload the administrative burdens of operating and scaling distributed databases. The solution must be cost-effective and able to handle unpredictable application traffic.
What should a Database Specialist recommend for this user?

Question 53
A gaming company is designing a mobile gaming app that will be accessed by many users across the globe. The company wants to have replication and full support for multi-master writes. The company also wants to ensure low latency and consistent performance for app users.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Question 54
A Database Specialist needs to speed up any failover that might occur on an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster. The Aurora DB cluster currently includes the primary instance and three Aurora Replicas.
How can the Database Specialist ensure that failovers occur with the least amount of downtime for the application?

Question 55
A Database Specialist needs to define a database migration strategy to migrate an on-premises Oracle database to an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster. The company requires near-zero downtime for the data migration. The solution must also be cost-effective.
Which approach should the Database Specialist take?

Question 56
A marketing company is using Amazon DocumentDB and requires that database audit logs be enabled. A Database Specialist needs to configure monitoring so that all data definition language (DDL) statements performed are visible to the Administrator. The Database Specialist has set the audit_logs parameter to enabled in the cluster parameter group.
What should the Database Specialist do to automatically collect the database logs for the Administrator?

Question 57
A company is looking to move an on-premises IBM Db2 database running AIX on an IBM POWER7 server. Due to escalating support and maintenance costs, the company is exploring the option of moving the workload to an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster.
What is the quickest way for the company to gather data on the migration compatibility?

Question 58
An ecommerce company is using Amazon DynamoDB as the backend for its order-processing application. The steady increase in the number of orders is resulting in increased DynamoDB costs. Order verification and reporting perform many repeated GetItem functions that pull similar datasets, and this read activity is contributing to the increased costs. The company wants to control these costs without significant development efforts.
How should a Database Specialist address these requirements?

Question 59
An IT consulting company wants to reduce costs when operating its development environment databases. The company's workflow creates multiple AmazonAurora MySQL DB clusters for each development group. The Aurora DB clusters are only used for 8 hours a day. The DB clusters can then be deleted at the end of the development cycle, which lasts 2 weeks.
Which of the following provides the MOST cost-effective solution?

Question 60
A company has multiple applications serving data from a secure on-premises database. The company is migrating all applications and databases to the AWSCloud. The IT Risk and Compliance department requires that auditing be enabled on all secure databases to capture all log ins, log outs, failed logins, permission changes, and database schema changes. A Database Specialist has recommended Amazon Aurora MySQL as the migration target, and leveraging the AdvancedAuditing feature in Aurora.
Which events need to be specified in the Advanced Auditing configuration to satisfy the minimum auditing requirements? (Choose three.)

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