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Juniper JN0-251 Exam

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Question 61
Which statement is correct about Marvis Actions?
A. It summarizes user trouble tickets and detected AP problems.
B. It automatically detects and reports network problems.
C. It summarizes all of the misconfigured WLANs at a site.
D. It automatically issues an RMA for an AP.

Question 62
What is a feature within Mist AI that uses unsupervised machine learning?
A. vBLE engagement
B. Insights
C. Service Level Expectations
D. Alerting,accurately%20locate%20users%20and%20devices

Question 63
What are three alert levels used in the Mist UI? (Choose three.)
A. critical
B. warning
C. error
D. notice
E. informational

Question 64
What happens when Mist subscriptions expire?
A. Devices retain their configurations but the Mist user is prevented from accessing the Mist management GUI.
B. Devices retain their configurations and all Mist management GUI functionality remains available to the user.
C. Devices retain their configurations but Mist management GUI functionality related to expired subscriptions are not configurable by the user.
D. Devices retain their configurations for 90 days; if the subscriptions are not renewed, the configuration is deleted and the devices are reset to factory default.

Question 65
vBLE engagement works on transmit mode and has 1 m to 3 m accuracy using which feature?
A. Wi-Fi IoT sensors
B. a BLE radio
C. Wi-Fi enabled devices
D. the Mist location SDK

Question 66
Which characteristic describes Mist's cloud software architecture?
A. microservices based
B. shard based
C. controller based
D. monolithic code

Question 67
Which two statements about the Mist UI are true? (Choose two.)
A. It can initiate a wireless packet capture.
B. It can initiate a wired packet capture.
C. It can initiate a BLE packet capture.
D. It can initiate a packet capture on cloud uplink.

Question 68
What are two characteristics of the 2.4 GHz band when compared to the 5 GHz band? (Choose two.)
A. shorter wavelength
B. lower frequency
C. less non-Wi-Fi interference
D. more congestion

Question 69
When would be the earliest opportunity to configure an access point (AP)?
A. after you are on the same network as the AP
B. after the AP is installed
C. after the AP is online
D. after the AP is claimed to inventory

Question 70
Which statement is correct regarding settings at the organizational level?
A. The organizational level is where you define each location's specific information.
B. The organizational level is where you specify customer-level global details.
C. The organizational level is where you enable BLE capabilities, if you have a license.
D. The organizational level is where you specify information about each AP's placement.