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Juniper JN0-251 Exam

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Question 1
What is an advantage of using the Juniper Mist cloud compared to traditional on-premises WLAN controllers?
A. The ability to configure Mist cloud using any connected AP.
B. More robust AP encryption occurs.
C. Machine learning occurs through microservices.
D. Mist updates occur daily.

Question 2
You are inviting a new administrator into a Mist organization.
In this scenario, which two roles are valid? (Choose two.)
A. Helpdesk
B. Standard
C. Network Admin
D. System Admin

Question 3
What are two valid Mist subscription status states in the Mist GUI? (Choose two.)
A. Expired
B. Perpetual
C. Staged
D. Exceeded

Question 4
Which Mist AI feature would help you to troubleshoot a client’s failed authentication?
A. client dashboard
B. live view
C. dynamic packet capture
D. WLAN profile

Question 5
What is the minimum administrator role needed to invite a user to be an administrator of an organization?
A. network admin
B. installer
C. helpdesk
D. super user

Question 6
What does Mist with Wi-Fi Assurance do to detect a bad cable connected to an AP?
A. It monitors SNMP trap information.
B. It performs cable tests.
C. It sends probe traffic through the cable connections.
D. It applies machine learning to telemetry data.

Question 7
You are asked to invite a new user to administer specific sites in read-only mode.
Which two roles are available to the new user? (Choose two.)
A. Helpdesk
B. Installer
C. Network Admin
D. Observer

Question 8
Which two statements are correct when managing switches located in a Mist-managed site? (Choose two.)
A. The site firewall must allow communications from the switch to Mist.
B. A switch template must be assigned to the site.
C. The site must have Mist access points.
D. The switch must be assigned to the site.

Question 9
Where in the Mist UI would the Persistently Failing Clients report be found?
A. Alerts
B. Marvis Actions
C. Successful Connects SLE
D. Insights

Question 10
You just received the newest Mist AP and want to enable a feature that is only available at this time on Release Candidate 1.
In this scenario, using the Mist GUI, where would you determine which version of Release Candidate 1 is available for your AP?
A. Support Tickets and Documentation -> Feature Updates
B. Support Tickets and Documentation -> Ports & Endpoints
C. Support Tickets and Documentation -> Mist Edge Updates
D. Support Tickets and Documentation -> Firmware Updates